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Russian Armed Forces

157 Soviet Ground and Rocket Forces.JPG
1995 Moscow T-72S Stefan Marx_Tanks-Trucks-Armoured Vehicles-Engineer Equipment-Weapons-Ar
1989 Soviet Armoured Train (Stefan Marx, Moscow)_4.jpg
1989 Soviet Armoured Train (Stefan Marx, Moscow)_3.jpg
1989 Soviet Armoured Train (Stefan Marx, Moscow)_1.jpg
1989 Soviet Armoured Train (Stefan Marx, Moscow)_2.jpg

Armoured Train - Moscow Museum 1989

2231 Special Tanks (1924-1941).JPG
3292 KV-1 & 2 Heavy Tanks 1939-45  (New Vanguard 17).jpg
3299 SU-76 Assault Gun (New Vanguard 270).jpg
1989 SUSU-100 (Stefan Marx; Moscow).jpg

T-34/76 B with 76 mm gun    (Object 134)                                                                                          (also NVA)

T-34/85 (Object 135), production until 1946/1950, 22,700 produced after the war, with 85 mm ZIS S-53 gun

In service with Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Austria (27 in 1955), Bosnia, Bulgaria, Congo, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus (10 not operational in 1986), Czechoslovakia (Licence production), Egypt, Ethiopia, Equatorial-Guinea, Finland, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Hungary, Iraq, Israel, Kampuchea, Hungary, Libya, North Korea, Mali (from Bulgaria, less than 170), Mongolia, Mozambique, Poland (licence production), PRC, Romania, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Togo, UNITA, Vietnam, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe and NVA

Insgesamt wurden während des Zweiten Weltkrieges 54.600 T-34 gebaut, davon 19.430 als T-34/85



In service with: Bosnia (4 in 2016), Cuba (400 in 2016),


T-34/85 Modell 1945, Austria 1955

T-34/85 Modell 1946, Austria 1955

T-34/85-II, 1947 - 1964, in service with North Korea and Soviet satellite states

T-34-85M, with T-54 wheels, in service with Angola

T-34-85M1, in service with Poland

T-34-85, modernized version, Egypt 1987

T-34/85m                                                                                                                                                  (also NVA)

T-34/85mK Führungspanzer                                                                                                                 (also NVA)

T-34-100 with 100 mm D-10T gun, 1945

Recovery vehicle T-34T (1958) and T-34TB                                                                                        (also Austria, Egypt, NVA)

Prime mover T-34T on self-propelled chassis                                                                                    (also NVA)

T-34T(A) towing vehicle, Austria (1 in 1955)

T-34TO recovery vehicle for armoured vehicles

VT-34 recovery vehicle, Czechoslovakia, in Polish service called CW-34

T-34 Heavy crane vehicle, in service with Czechoslovakia

T-34 bridge-laying vehicle ARK                                                                                                              (also NVA)

MT-34 bridging tank, in service with Czechoslovakia since 1960s

T-34 turretless support vehicle for long girder type rail launcher for 10X (V-1 design) cruise missile, 1947

T-34-based light crane vehicle SPK-5, 1955                                                                                        (also NVA)

T-34-based light crane vehicle SPK-5/10M

LWP T-34-85 with PT-54 mineclearing rollers, in service with Poland

T-34-100, 100 mm gun testbed, 1945

T-34/BS-3 100 mm, in service with Syria

T-34/D-30 122 mm, in service with Syria

T-34 chassis with 2 x Mig-jet-engines for fire-fighting, in service with Hungary


Su - Samokhodnaya Ustanovka - Self-propelled Gun

SU-85 85 mm tank destroyer, 1943

SU-85-IV 85 mm assault gun, 1943

SU-85BM-I, 85 mm tank destroyer, 1944

SU-85BM-II, 85 mm tank destroyer, 1944

SU-85M. 85 mm tank dstroyer, 1944


GM-100 (Object 100) basic vehicle of family with designations from 105 to 124, 1949, in service since 1964

SU-100 tank destroyer, 1944, produced until 1953 in Russia

In service with Albania, Czechoslovakia, Cuba (100 in 2016), Egypt, Iran, Iraq (120 in 1980), Morocco, Romania, Syria, Yemen and NVA

SU-100 (Object 416) fire support vehicle with 100 mm gun, not accepted

SU-100-2, 100 mm assault gun, 1943

SU-100P (Object 105) assault gun with 100 mm D-50/D-10 gun, not accepted, 1949

SU-100M (Object 416) 100 mm tank destroyer with M-63 gun, Project 1951-1953

SU-100M1, 100 mm tank destroyer, Project 1944

SU-100M2, 100 mm tank destroyer, Project 1944

SU-100P chassis for 4x23 mm Shielka self-propelled air defence system and RPK Baikal radar guidance system, 1957

SU-100T towing and recovery vehicle

ESU-100, 100 mm tank destroyer, Project 1944

SU-101 experimental vehicle based on T-44 derived chassis with 100 mm D-10 gun, 1944

SU-101M experimental vehicle based on T-44 derived chassis with 122 mm gun, 1945, later became SU-102

SU-102 experimental vehicle based on T-44 derived chassis with 122 mm D-25 gun

WPT-34 Polish recovery vehicle based on SU-85 and SU-100 chassis

T-46 „Bullet-proof“ tank (Object 111)

BTR-112 (Object 112) armoured transporter, prototype on GM-100 chassis, 1949


Zveroboi - Beasthunters - Bestienjäger:

SU-122 assault gun, development; From 1947-1952 about 3130 ISU-122 were manufactured.

Su-122-II 122 mm assault gun, 1944

Su-122-III 122 mm assault gun, 1943

ISU-122BM (Object 250)

SU-122L maintenance vehicle with forward A-frame crane

SU-122M assault gun, 1940s

SU-122 destruction vehicle for the destruction of buildings, in service in Hungary

SU-122P experimental vehicle based on T-44 derived chassis with 122 mm gun

SU-122-44, experimental vehicle on T-44 chassis with122 mm gun, Project 1944

SU-122-54 (Object 600) experimental vehicle on T-54A chassis with 122 mm D-49 gun, 1949, few in service with Russia

T-34 with SU-100 like superstructure without gun, as fire control and launching control station for R-2 ballistic missiles, 1949

Object 601A, radio-controlled tank target

Object 608, jet mine sweeper

Object 608P armoured recovery vehicle

Object 609 armoured recovery vehicle

ISU-122 (Object 242) Heavy assault gun/schwerer Jagdpanzer, produced until 1952/55,   (also: Iraq, Libya, Poland, Syria)

ISU-122-1 (Object 243) Assault gun, 1944

ISU-122-2 (Object 249) Assault gun, 1944

ISU-122-3 (Object 251) Assault gun, 1944

ISU-122S (Object 249) Assault gun, in service with Poland

JSU-122 = ISU-122, 1944

CW-ISU Heavy armoured crane and recovery vehicle based on ISU-122 and ISU-152 chassis, in service with Poland

SU T-34-76 (Stefan Marx, Berlin).jpg
3294 IS-2 Heavy Tank 1944-73 (New Vanguard 7).jpg
2001 Pargue JS-II (Stefan Marx).jpg

2001 Prag JS-2


The new generation Stalin Tanks

1989 Moscow Museum


1989 SU JS-Tank (Stefan Marx, Moscow).jpg
2001 Prague JS-II Pink Tank (Stefan Marx)_1.jpg

2001 Prague JS-2

2001 Prague JS-II Pink Tank (Stefan Marx)_2.jpg
2001 Prague JS-II Pink Tank (Stefan Marx)_3.jpg
3427 Soviet T-10 (Kinnear).jpg
2000s IS-3 Czech Museum (Stefan Marx).jpg

2001 Czech Museum JS-3

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