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T-series MBTs

T-54 & T-55 MBTs

1989 SU T-54 (Stefan Marx, Moscow).jpg

T-54 (Object 137 or B-40, T-54 Model 1946) Medium tank with 100 mm D-10 gun, 1946 - 1948, production: 35,000 (24,750 for SU, 5,465 in the WP countries).

In service with Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola (66 in 2016), Bangladesh, Bosnia (11 in 2016), Bulgaria, Cambodia, Congo – Democratic Republic, Cuba, Cyprus, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Finland (1959), Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Hungary, India, Iraq (400 in 1980), Iran (captured from Iraq), Israel, North Korea, Libya, Mali, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nicaragua (20 in 1981), Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, PRC, Romania, Russia (1,593+ in 1990), Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe


In service with (T-54/-55) Algeria (275 in 2016), Armenia, Cape Verde, Congo (Republic) (26 in 2016), Cuba (600 in 2016), Egypt (500 in 2016), Eritrea, Ethiopia, Georgia, Guinea (6 in 2016), India, Laos (30 in 2016), Lebanon, Mongolia (350 in 2016), Nicaragua, North Korea (3600 in 2016), Mauritania (30 in 2016), Mozambique (62 in 2016), Polisario, Somalia, Sudan (54 in 2016), Syria (2000 in 2016, mostly stored), Togo (4 in 2016), Vietnam (600 in 2016), Zambia (8 in 2016)


T-54-1 (Object 137), 1950

T-54-2 (Object 137, T-54 Model 1959), 1949

T-54-3 (Object 137, T-54 Model 1951), 1952

T-54 Model 1946 (T-54-1) prototype with fender-mounted machine guns

T-54 Model 1947 (object 137) with 12.7 mm AD machine gun

T-54 Model 1949 (T-54-2) with undercut turret rear, in production until 1951

T-54 Model 1951 (T-54-3) with AD-Mg, with provisions for mine rollers (PT-3 and PT-54), OPVT river fording equipment

In service with: Afghanistan, Syria, NVA

T-54 with Laser range-finder KDT-1 on mantlet, 1951

T-54 Model 1953 with narrow mantlet and hemispherical turret not undercut at the rear, initial full-rate production version, in service with Afghanistan

T-54 MBT AT-rocket Komplex Malyutka on turret rear, project 1962

T-54A (Object 137A, 137P, 137Sh)

T-54A (Object 137G) modernised version with 100 mm gun D-10TG, early designation for T-54AM, 1955/1956

T-54A Model 1951 gun stabilisation in one plane and 100 mm D-10TG gun, first with OPVT river crossing equipment,

production 1954    

In service with: Angola, Czechoslovakia, Mongolia, Poland, PRC (Type 59), Slovakia, Vietnam, NVA

Type 59 (WZ120), 1957, In service with:  Pakistan (1200 in 1998), PRC

Type 58-II (WZ120B) with 105 mm gun, PRC, 1980s

Type 62 scaled down lighterarmoured version of type 59 with 85 mm gun, PRC

Type 69-I (WZ121), with smoothbore 100 mm gun, PRC, 1970s

Type 69-II (BW121A) with 100 mm gun, PRC, 1970s

Type 79 (WZ121D) or T-69-III with 105 mm gun, PRC

Type 80, upgraded type 79 with new suspension

Type 80-II, PRC

T-54AK command tank, 1958

T-54AK-1 with second R-113

T-54AK-2 for battalion commanders with HTM-10 telescopic mast

T-54AM  (= T-54B Modell 1952), medium tank with 100 mm D-10T2S gun, night-fighting capability and two-axis stabilisation system, SU series production since 1957 (1977)

T-54AM with 100 mm D-10TG gun, 1960s

T-54B Model 1952 (Object 137G2), 1957                                                                                           (also Poland, NVA)

T-54B (auch mit BTU-Räumschild) Bergepanzer                                                                                 (also NVA)

T-54B (Object 137ML) with 9M14 Maljutka AT-missile system on turret rear, 1961-1965

T-54BK command tank, 1958

T-54 (C), early designation of T-55-TK                                                                                                    (also NVA)

T-54E Ramses II, upgraded T-54, Egypt 1984

T-54K Model 1954 command version of T-54A, 1958

T-54M (Object 137M), rebuild T-54 with 100 mm D-10T2S gun, 1977, stricken from service in 1994 In service with Syria.

T-54M (Object 139), experimental T-54 with 100 mm gun D-54T, 1954

T-54M (project 140) with 100 mm long-barreled D-54TS gun, with night vision equipment, cancelled, 1977/1983/88

T-54MK command tank, 1977

T-54M3 upgrade with Super Blazer ERA, Vietnam 2018

T-54 upgrade by Jung Jungenthal, Egypt 1988

Safir-74, Iran 1996

T-54 with 160 mm mortar, Iraq

T-54 with observation mast, Iraq

T-54 chassis with M18 Hellcat turret, Bosnia (2 before 1997)


Flame thrower tank TO-55 (Object 483) with flame-thrower replacing gun, based on T-54B chassis, 1959, development completed in 1962

OT-54 (Object 481) flame thrower tank with flame-thrower ATO-1 operating through coaxial machine-gun hole, 1954

SU-122-54 tank destroyer on T-54-1 chassis

IT-122 tank destroyer with T-54A chassis, since 1949 (1954)

T-54 (Object 137) with 152 mm rocket launcher instead of main gun

Panzerzugmashine T-54T und T-54TB (auch mit Schnorchel)             (also Czechoslovakia, Finland, Egypt, Poland, Yugoslavia, NVA)

BTS-2 armoured towing and recovery vehicle with winch and 3-ton auxiliary crane, 1955

T-54 (A) ARV Schlepper für Havariefälle                                                                                             (also NVA)

T-54( B) ARV                                                                                                                                              (also NVA)

T-54 Heavy crane vehicle SPG-12

Heavy crane tank SPK-12G on T-54-1 chassis, 1966

T-54 TK Kranpanzer BTS-3                                                                                                                    (also NVA)

KAM-1, ARV, Finland 1997

MTU-12 AVLB on T-54-1chassis                                                                                                                                        1955

T-54Z (=T-54mod)                                                                                                                                    (also NVA)

T-54AZ (=T-54Amod)                                                                                                                               (also NVA)

T-54AMZ (=T-54AMmod)                                                                                                                         (also NVA)

T-54K Model 1954 Command vehicle T-54-chassis,                                                                         (also NVA)

T-54AK Command vehicle T-54A-chassis                                                                                           (also NVA)

T-54K1 Command vehicle company commander,                                                                             (also NVA)

T-54K2 Command vehicle battalion commander                                                                              (also NVA)

PT-54 mine clearing vehicle with PT-3 system, in service since 1950s

PT-54M mine clearing vehicle, mid 1950s

CSLA mineclearing roller system on turretless T-54 chassis

T-54/-55 chassis with FATEH 3 mineclearing rocket system, in service with Egypt

GPM-54 Tracked fire-fighting vehicle, in service with Russia, Ukraine

T-54 chassis with launcher for 4 SAKR-80 rockets, Egyptian project

T-54/-55 with 60 m manned mast for starting ATGMs, collapsed on the first test, Iraq

T-54/-55 with SA-2 launcher installed, Ethiopia 2016


T-55 (object 155 or B-45), with 100 mm gun D-10T2S, without 12.7 mm DShK AD machine gun, adopted for service in 1958, production until 1979: 27,500

In service with Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria (270 w T-54), Angola (50 in 2016), Armenia, Azerbaijan (from Ukraine, 35 in reserve in 2016), Bangladesh, Belarus, Benin, Bosnia (143 in 2016), Bulgaria, Cambodia (100+40), Central African Republic (4), Chad, Congo, Croatia, Cuba, Czechoslowakia, Egypt, Ethiopia (+100 from Bulgaria in 1999, from Belarus, few in 2016 being withdrawn), Finland (1965), Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Hungary, India (700 T-54/55 in reserve in 1997), Iran (100 in 1988 from Bulgaria, Egypt, Libya), Iraq (400 in 1980, 500 in 1988, 250 from Egypt, 50 in 2016), Israel, Laos, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Mali, Mauretania, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nicaragua (31 in 2016), Nigeria, NLA (160), North-Korea, Peru, Poland (1958, production since 1964), Romania (260 in 2016), Russia (3,130+ in 1990), SLA (Israeli upgrade), Slovakia, Slovenia (55), South Africa, Sri Lanka (18 from Poland, 18 from Czech Republic in 1997, 55 in 2002, 68 in 2016), Sudan (9 from Belarus), Sudan (SPLA), Syria, Taliban, Tanzania, Togo, Transnistria, Uganda (from Poland, Ukraine), Ukraine, UNITA, Uruguay (15 from Israel in 1997), Uzbekistan, Vietnam with additional bold-on armour protection, Yemen (+6 from Bulgaria, 96 refurbished from CZ surplus in 2002), Yugoslavia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, PLO and NVA

T-55 Model 1958

T-55 mit Seitenschürzen (6 Metallplatten) und abspreizbarem Schutzschirm am Rohr vorne

T-55 MBT AT-rocket Komplex Malyutka on turret rear, project 1962

T-55 MBT with Taifun missile system in turret, 1961-1963, cancelled

T-55 with 100 mm D-10T2S gun, Panzerfernsehkomplex „Almas“, 1961

T-55 (Object 155ML) with 9M14 Maljutka AT-missile system on turret roof, 1961-1965

T-55 Model 1970 (T-55A with 12.7 mm AD Mg)

T-54/55 Tiran 5, Israeli upgrade with 105 mm gun

T-55 with reactive armour, Rafael, Israel

T-55 with 105 mm gun L7, Egypt 1998

T-55 with 105 mm rifled gun and TFCS FCS, India

T-55 (auch mit KMT-5) with PT-55 mine rollers, BTU-55 dozer blade                                                 (also NVA)

T-55 Model 1981 with KTD-2 LASER range-finder

T-55, source Israel, in service with Uruguay

T-155A (=T-55A), Object 639                                                                                                              (also Nicaragua, NVA)

T-55A (object 155A), since 1960 (1962), without bow machine gun, internal anti-radiation liner, production began in 1963, in service with Czechoslovakia

T-55A with DSchK-M MG

T-55A Modell 1970 with new turret and 12.7 mm AD-Mg (=T-55AM),                                                 in service with Poland

T-55A with improvised additional armour, Croatia, Macedonia (114), Serbia, Sri Lanka

T-55 upgrade with ERA package and 125 mm smoothbore cannon, Omsk, Russia 2001

T-55 with quadruple launcher for SA-3,                                                                                                Poland 2001

T-55AD with 100 mm D-10T2S gun, thermal sleeve, side skirts, additonal armour, belly armour, smoke dischargers on turret sides, 1983

T-55AD (object 155AD) with AT-10 Stabber missile capability, in service with Soviet army 1983

T-55AD tank testbed with Drozd (Thrus) active protection system, 1978-1990s, 250, put into limited production and service in 1983, destroyed now

T-55AD1 command version,                                                                                                                Poland

T-55AD1 tank with Drozd active protection system, 1999

T-55AD-1 or T-55AD1 = T-55AD with V-46-4M diesel engine and 9K116 Bastion capability

T-55AD1M command version,                                                                                                             Poland 1986

T-55AD2 command version,                                                                                                                Poland

T-55AD2M command version,                                                                                                             Poland 1986

T-55AG, modernized T-55,                                                                                                                  Ukraine 1998

T-55AGM, modernized T-55                                                                                                                Ukraine 2003

T-55 Modell 1974 with LASER-RF KTD-1, 1975-1977

+ with side sjirts / mit Seitenblenden

T-55AK command version

T-55AK3 Command vehicle regiment commanderr PR (PzReg)                                                         (also NVA)


T-55A(P) = T-55A Poland                                                                                                    (also 50 Cambodia, NVA)

T-55AM (object 155AM) backfitted version of T-55A, with Merida fire control system and BOBRAWA LASER-sensor warning system, 1983

In service with Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland (1986, being withdrawn 2000+), Uganda (90 in 2016)

T-55 Modell 1958 with new turret

T-55AM Model 1980 with brow armour and Volna FCS, 9K116 Bastion ATM                                     (also NVA )

T-55AM „Meridia“ upgrade, 1980s (Poland or Hungary)

T-55AM-1 = T55AM with V-46-5M engine (object 155AM-1), 1983/88

T-55AM1 with brow armour and Kladivo FCS and LASER-RF, in service with Czechoslovakia

T-55AM2 MBT with laminate applique armour, 1983           

In service with: Afghanistan (Northern Alliance in 2001), Angola (somehow from Slovakia), Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Georgia (120 ordered from Czech Republic in 2000), Latvia (3 from CZ used as mobile targets), Macedonia, Slovakia, Sri Lanka (somehow from Czech Republic), Sudan (from Belarus in 1999), Yemen (97 in 2000), NVA later improved to AM2PB standard

T-55AM2 MBT with ERA tiles

Training vehicle 9F618M-3 for 100 mm AT-missile 3UBK10-1, chassis unknown

T-55AM2B with Kladivo LASER-RF, with 9K116 Bastion capability                                    (also NVA, Czechoslowaki army)

T-55AM2MP MBT - In service with Sri Lanka

T-55AM2P MBT with 9K116 Bastion/AT-10 Stabber missile capability, Merida FCS, in service with Poland

T-55AM2PB = T-55AM-1 build in Russia

T-55 MBT upgrade similar AM2 version by Argentinian company TENSA, offered to Peru 1989

T-55AM MBT Model 1983

T-55AM MBT type with crude brow armour arrangement, Iraq

T-55AM MBT upgrade package UralVagonZavod upgrade package, 2013

T-55AM-1 MBT with V-46 engine

T-55AM2 MBT without Bastion ATGM

T-55AM2B MBT with Bastion ATGM

T-55 MBT with Kontakt-1 applique armour

T-55 MBT with Kontakt-5 applique armour

T-55AM5 MBT upgrade, Russia 2001

T-55AMB MBT (object 155AMB) with 9K116 Bastion capability

T-55AMD MBT (object 155AMD) Drozd dynamic defence programme against AT-missiles, since 1987

T-55AMK MBT (object 155AMK)

T-55AMK MBT Model 1980:

+ T-55AM2K1                                                                                                                                       (also NVA)

+ T-55AM2K2                                                                                                                                       (also NVA)

+ T-55AM2K3                                                                                                                                       (also NVA)

T-55AMV MBT with 100 mm D-10T2S gun, with explosive reactive armour, Lenkwaffe Typ Wolna (9K16 Bastion), 1985

+ with AD-MG

T-55AMV MBT with Kontakt ERA, Ukraine

T-55AMV-1 with reactive armour package


T-55AMZ = T-55AM with ERA


TI-67 with 105 mm gun, Israeli upgrade of T-54/55, also in service with Uruguay (15 in 1997)


T-55K (object 155K) command version, 1959, in service with Czechoslovakia, Finland 1967

T-55K1 Command vehicle KC (NBC),                                                                                                  (also NVA)

T-55K2 Command vehicle battalion commander Bataillonskommandeur PB (PzBtl)              (also NVA)

T-55K3 command version with 10 m antenna

T-55L build in Poland, in service with Rhodesia, (8), RSA (2)

T-55M MBT Object 155M (improved T-54), 1983, in service with Afghanistan, Finland (70 in 1999), Nicaragua (130)

+ with additional armour, side skirts, thermal sleeve, belly armour

T-55M MBT upgraded T-55 to T55AM standard

T-55M-1 = T-55M with V-46-5M engine (object 155M-1), 1983/88

T-55MB MBT (object 155MB), 1984

T-55MB MBT upgraded T-55M, Ukraine 1999

T-55MD MBT (object 155MD)

T-55MK command version, in service with Finland

T-55M MBT (Object 639) with AT-10/Stabber missile capability (9M116 Bastion), 1983/88, since 1992

T-55M MBT of Polish manufacture, with large stowage box on left turret front, in service with Iraq

T-55M MBT upgrade with modernised FCS, ERA and Tucha smoke-dischargers and 12.7 mm DShK, Russia 2001

T-55M MBT upgrade with additional wheel, 125 mm 2A46M gun, Russia 2001

T-55M5 MBT upgrade with Kontakt 5 ERA, 1990s

T-55M(6) MBT with 125 mm gun, additional armour and TKKh-1SM command system, 2001

T-55M6 MBT upgrade

T-55MV with explosive reactive armour, 1983/88 - In service with Syria (200 in 1997, 200 in 2016), Ukraine

T-55MV-1 = T-55MV with V-46-5 diesel engine

T-55 with rocket-propelled mine-clearing equipment on either side of rear hull, Croatia 1998

T-55 Sfim SOPTAC 55 FCS, 1998

T-55 with BMP-3 FCS and guided missile through barrel capability, KBP 2000

T-55 MBT Tiran, Israeli upgrade - In service with Rwanda

Type 72Z with 105 mm gun M68, upgraded T-55 or type 59, Iran revealed 1996


T-54/-55 for Cuba:

T-54/-55 MBT chassis for self-propelled single-rail S-75 launcher

T-54/-55 MBT chassis for self-propelled dual-rail S-125 launcher


T-55 in Czech and Slovaki service:

T-54A (production of 2.490 from 1958-1966)

T-54AK (production of 120)

T-54AR Rieka with local deep wading system

Total production by ZTS Martin: 3,377 T-55, 3,820 T-55A, 1,280 T-55AK1

T-55A(M) with 12.7 mm AD-Mg and Kladivo FCS, also with BTU-55 blade

T-55AM2 with Kladivo LASER-rangefinder

MT-55 Czechoslowak recovery vehicle,(=MTU-3), in service with Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia

MT-55 Czechoslowak bridge layer, since 1970, (Czechoslovakia, Egypt)

MT-55A (MTU-55) Czech bridge laying tank, based on T-55A, 1962, in service with Croatia, Czechoslovakia,, India, Iray, Russia (468), Yugoslavia and Middle East

VT-55A Czech recovery vehicle with forward-mounted dozer blade, in service with Finland, Hungary, Iraq (2003 from Hungary)

Cancer 55 combat engineer vehicle, Czech Republik, proposal


T-54/-55 in Egypt:

Egypt lost 291 T-54A and 82 T-55 in 1967.


T-55 in Finland:

KAM-1 crane vehicle, in service with Finland only, 1 in 1984

KAM-2 crane vehicle with small crane, in service with Finland only, 1 in 1987

JVBT-55A recovery vehicle, in service with Finland

T-55 fire-fighting vehicle for ammunition depots, no external difference to MBT


T-54 in Germany (East):




T-55AM2B, 1989


T-55 in Iraqi service:

T-55 with 125 mm smooth bore gun 2A46, prototype only

T-55 with 125 mm smooth bore gun 2A46 and raised turret design, prototype only

T-55M with additional armour and „sawtooth“ fabric skirts, KMT-6


T-55 in Israel:

T-54A MBT Tiran-4

T-55 MBT Tiran-5


T-55 in Peruvian service:

T-55M1/M2 Leon

T-55 Tifon-2a upgrade from Ukraine


T-55 in Polish service:

T-55A MBT (production of 2,855 from 1956-1964, 7,000 from 1964-1979)

T-54AD MBT command version (T-54K)

T-55AD1 MBT Polish command version (dowodca = command) with extra R-130

T-55AD1M MBT command version

T-55AD2 MBT command version (dowodca = command)

T-55AD2M MBT command version

T-55AM MBT (= T-54B; 815 T-55A/AM withdrawn in 2001)

T-55AM2 MBT with Kladivo LASER-rangefinder

T-55A chassis with triple SA-3 launcher (S-125 Newa-SC), Poland 1999

Quadruple launcher for S-125SC (SA-3) for Polish AF on chassis of BGT-67, WZT-1 and T-55A, 1999-2004

T-55A chassis for W-125SCM launcher for S-125SCM SAM system, Poland 2005

T-55 chassis with SNR-125M radar Low Blow for SA-3,       Poland 2001

T-55U, Poland

BTS-2T recovery vehicle, in service with Poland

IWT Polish version of IMR


T-54/-55 in PRC:

Type 59 (WZ120) = T-54A, 1958          

In service with Iran (300 until 1988 with 250 from PRC, as well as Nort Korea), Iraq (1000 in 1988), Pakistan (1200)

Type 59-I (WZ120A)

Type 59-II (WZ120B)

Type 69 = T-55                                     

In service with Iran (150 in 1988 from PRC and North Korea), Iraq (500 in 1988)

Type 69-I (WZ-121), 1982

Type 69-II (WZ121A)

Type 69-II (WZ121B) command tank

Type 69-II (WZ121C) command tank

Type 69-III = Type 79 (WZ121D), 1984; total production 519

Type 80 Storm-1 withn new suspension system, 1988

Type 80-II

Type 88 (= Type 80)


T-55 Romanian versions:

TR-580 (TR-77) with lenghtened hull, in service with Romania

TR-80, Romania

TR-85, upgraded T-55 version, 1977 referred to as M1977 or TR-77, in service with Romania (632 in 1993, 315 in 1998)

TR-85M1 Bisonul upgraded TR-85, Romania 2000


DMT-85M1 (Deminare Mecanic Tancul), 2010

TR-800, with 100 mm gun, prototype 1998

TER-800, ARV


T-55 Serbia:

Munja (Lighting) HIFV, 2009


T-55 Slovenian versions:

T-55 upgraded in 2000 (30 including S1 version)

T-55 S1 with 105 mm gun, 30 in 2013

M-55S-1 with Israeli reactive armour, 2000

MT-55S, Slovenian upgrade developed in 1994 with 105 mm gun, Fotona sights

M-55 SM1, Slovenian upgrade with ERA, 105 mm rifled gun and IS-6 smoke grenade launchers (Israel), Fotona LIRD LASER radiation detector (IRD-3A)


T-55 Sudan:

Abu Fatima-1, 2002

Bashir-1 with 120 mm gun, 2002

Zubeir-1, 2002


T-55 Ukraine:

T-55AGM with 125 mm /48 calibre KMB-1M smoothbore gun or 120 mm gun

T-55 with Typhoon upgrade package, 2013


OT-55 (Object 482) flame thrower with ATO-200 flamethrower, 1958, stricken from service in 1993

TO-55 = OT-55

TO-55 based on T-55A with DSchK-M MG

T-55T recovery vehicle, in service with Algeria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Morocco (?), Poland, Romania, Syria, Yemen

T-55T(1) with raised commander´ s cupola

T-55T(2) with boom crane in front left of chassis or box jib crane at the rear right corner

T-55TK heavy recovery vehicle, in service with Finland (JVBT-55A),                                                                 (also NVA)

SU-122 54 Tank destroyer on T-55 chassis, 1949 - end of 1950s (also called IT-122)

M-1977 recovery vehicle, based on SU-122 chassis

M-1977 armoured mine-clearing vehicle with KMT-5 and without turret

T-55 without turret and mineclearing roller system, seen in Afghanistan

T-55A with PW-LWD mine breaching system, Polish version of mineclearing vehicle with rocket launched charges and KMT mine rake

T-55B with dozer blade and IR-equipment                                                                                                          (also NVA)

Prime mover and ARV T-55T (T-55-T) and T-55TK (auch mit Schnorchel)                          (in service with Finalnd, NVA)

T-54/55 without turret and SAKR anti-tank mineclearing plough, Egypt 2002

GTU Universal tracked tractor

BTS-1 recovery vehicle, turretless T-54A

BTS-2 recovery vehicle/Panzerzugmaschine, T-54 chassis, in service with Finland, in Czech and in Polish service called WZT-1                                                                                                                                                                (also NVA)

BTS-3 recovery vehicle (WZT-2 in Polish service,), T-55 chassis, with 20 to crane, also called SPK-12G,        (also NVA)

BTS-4 recovery vehicle with light 1.5 to-crane, similar BTS-2, 1965 

In service with Czechoslovakia, Israel (2), Ukraine

BTS-4 ARV upgrade, Ukraine 2020

BLG-60 bridge layer ( Bulgaria, Iraq, Israel, Poland, NVA)

BLG-60M, in service with Poland and NVA

BLG-60M2, in service with Finland, Sweden (Brobv 971) and NVA

BLG-67 bridge layer                                                                                                                                            (Poland, NVA)

BLG-67M2 bridge layer, based on T-55A chassis, Poland

MTU-1 bridge layer (=MTU), based on T-54A chassis, while late production models use T-55 chassis, 1958, in service with Bulgaria, Iraq, Israel, Poland (?), Romania (?), Syria

MTU-2 bridge layer (Egypt, Estonia, Russia)

MTU-3 bridge layer, based on T-55 chassis, since 1970s,                                                                                 (also NVA)

MTU-20 bridge layer, (Object 602 = MTU-2), since 1964/1967, in service with Afghanistan, Cyprus (?), Egypt, Finland (1976), India, Israel, Nigeria, Russia (563), Syria and NVA

Bridging vehicle Begleitbrücke MTU-54 Ausf. E                                                                                                   (also NVA)

MTU-55 (MT-55 A) bridge layer, 1962

Object 616A, prototype for IMR, 1969

IMR combat engineer vehicle (T-55 chassis), 1973, in service with Russia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia and NVA

BMR mine clearing vehicle with KMT-7 mine rollers and without turret and 12.7 mm Mg

SPK-12G Heavy lift crane vehicle for  rear area repair work (BTS-3)

WPT-2 Heavy crane vehicle

T-55 ARV with MATAN mine roller system , Croatia 1991

ZSU-57-2 Pair (Sparka) Object 500, with T-54 chassis, in service with Algeria, Angola (40 in 2000), Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cuba (25+ in 2000), Egypt (40 in 2000), Finland (12 in 2000), Hungary, Iran (80 in 2000, 100 in 2016), Iraq (100+ in 2000), North Korea (250+ in 2000), Mozambique (20+ in 2000), Poland, PRC (50-100 in 2000), Romania (60 in 2000), Syria (100+ in 2000, 10 in 2016), Vietnam (100+ in 2000), Yemen, Yugoslavia (54 in 2000) and NVA

Object 503 experimental chassis

ZSU-57-2M (T-55A chassis), in service with Finland

T-55AM with Marksman AD turret, in service with Finland

T-55AM with Marksman AD dummy turret, driver training vehicle, in service with Finland

PT-55 with roller-type mine-clearing devices

Mineclearing vehicle T-55 mit KMT-6, EMT-5 und WLWD                                                                                   (also NVA)

T-54/55 Mineclearing vehicle of border guards servic,                                                                                      (also NVA)

Fahrausbildungspanzer (learner vehicle) FAP 500U                                                                                          (also NVA)

T-55 Almaz testbed 1961

Object 166, T-55 with extended hull and 115 mm smoothbore gun

BTR-4 ARV, similar BTS-2

BTR-T Heavy armoured personnel carrier on T-55 chassis

Achzarit Heavy armoured personnel carrier on T-55 chassis, Israel

T-55 makeshift infantry carrier without turret, SLA

T-62 MBTs

T-62 (Object 165), Medium tank early proposal, abandoned

T-62 (Object 166), Yubilenije, Medium tank with 115 mm U-5TS (2A20) gun, 1958 – 1975: 20,000

In service with: Afghanistan, Algeria (159), Angola (+24 from Bulgaria, 18 in 2016), Belarus, Bulgaria, Cuba (400 in 2016), Czechoslovakia (only production for export), Egypt (500 in 2016), Ethiopia (75 in 2016), Georgia, Iran (100 in 1988 from Bulgaria and Libya, 100 in 2016), Iraq (800 in 1980, 100 in 1988 from Poland and Romania), Israel, Kazakhstan (280 in 2016 mostly stored), Libya, Mongolia, Mozambique, North Korea, Poland, PRC (The PLA captured a Soviet T-62 in 1969 during the Ussuri conflict), Romania, Russia (2,021 in 1990), Somalia, Soviet Union (25 trials tanks), Sudan (24 in 2016), Syria (1000 in 2016), Tanzania (24 in 2016), UNITA, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen (+56 from Bulgaria)

T-62 Model 1961 without AD machine-gun, basic version early production

Object 166M, experimental T-62 with improved 5-wheel suspension, Diesel V-36F engine

T-62 mit Seitenschürzen (6 Metallplatten) und abspreizbarem Schutzschirm am Rohr vorne

T-62 with UB-32 57 mm rocket launcher on top of turret, used in Afghanistan

T-62 in service with Iraq, with additional splinter protection for IR searchlights

T-62 experimental version Object 166ML / Object 167 with 9M14 Malyutka /AT-3 SAGGER missile capability with three launchers on the right rear of turret, new suspension and multifuel engine, 1961

Object 167 with experimental chassia (T-72) and 115 mm U5-TS gun

Object 167 with 100 mm D-54 gun

T-62 experimental version PTUR Object 167ML with 9M14 Malyutka /AT-3 SAGGER missile capability on turret rear, 1961-1965, 30

T-62 (Object 167T) with 115 mm U5-TS gun and turbine engine GTD-3T, 1963

T-62 (Object 167GTD) with gas turbine engine, 1962/5

T-62 (Object 177) Medium tank, improved object 167 or 140

T-62 Model 1962, Medium tank

T-62 Model 1967 (Object 166), Medium tank 1967

T-62 Tiran 6, Israel 1973, 160+

T-62A (Object 165) with 100 mm D-54TS gun, 1961

T-62A (=T-62M) Medium tank since 1967 (upgraded Model 1967)

+ T-62 Model 1972 (Object 166) with 12.7 mm AD-Mg/DSchK-M, 1972, in service with Afghanistan, Iraq

++ T-62A in service with Iraq with additional splinter protection for IR searchlights and with Chinese „sawtooth“ composite skirts

+T-62 Model 1975 with LASER-RF

T-62 Model 1978 with LASER-RF KDT-1 and 12.7 mm DSchK-M MG

T-62  with KDT-1 LASER range-finder and two rows of stand-off skirt elements on the turret

T-62AM2 Medium tank with horse-shoe turret armour and Kladivo FCS, Czech production

T-62D (Object 162D) with side skirts and turret armour, Drosd active protection system, 1983

T-62D with Volna FCS, guided projectile capability, Drozd-2 active tank protection system, proposal 1999

T-62D-1 (Object 166D-1) with V-46-5M engine upgrade

T-62E with horse-shoe turret armour and fabric armour skirts, in service with Afghanistan

T-62K command tank, 1964

T-62M (Object 166M), (NATO T-62A) with 12.7 mm AD machine gun, bow applique armour, thermal sleeve, Volna FCS and guided projectile capability (9K116-1 Sheksna), KTD-2 (KDT-1) LASER Erange-finder, with KMT-6 mine-clearing blades, 1965 - 1975, 1983,  in service with Afghanistan

T-62M M-1996 modernized version with 1K32-2 laser sighting system

T-62M with Kontakt reactive armour, Volna FCS and guided projectile capability

T-62M1 (Object 166M1) with additional armour protection, but without guided projectile capability (also Afghanistan)

T-62M1 with additional applique bar-armour, seen in Afghanistan

T-62M-1 (Object 166M-1)with V-46-5M engine upgrade

T-62M1-1 = T-62M1 with V-46-5M engine upgrade and without guided projectile capability

T-62M1-2 (Object 166M1-2)

T-62M1-2 = T-62M1 without glacis applique armour

T-62M1-2-1 = T-62M1-2 with V-46-5M engine upgrade

T-62MB (Object 166MB) with 12.7 mm AD machine gun, brow applique armour, Volna FCS and guided projectile capability (9K116-1 Sheksna), 1985

T-62MB-1, T-62MB with V-46-5M engine

T-62MV (Object 166MV, T-162MW) with 115 mm U5-TS gun, thermal sleeve, explosive reactive armour, LASER range-finder KTD-2, Volna FCS, side skirts, additional belly armour, 1985

T-62MV-1 with V-46-5M engine upgrade

T-62 with Sakr smoke rockets (Egypt)

T-62 with 105 mm gun L7A1, Egypt

T-62 Chonma-ho-MBT, North Korean modification, 40 in 2004

TO-62 flame thrower

T-62K command version with 4 m antenna

T-62MK command version of T-62M

T-62 in Iraqi service with small modifications, no missile capability

T-62 with ERA, Russian upgrade proposal 1998

T-62 with 120 mm gun 2-46, Russia KTBM 2003

T-62 with 120 mm smoothbore tank gun M-393 L44 which is capable of firing Western one-piece 120 mm ammunition, 2006

IT-1 (Object 150) tank destroyer without gun and 9M66 (3M7/AT-5 Drakon) launcher instead, 1965-1970, modified version put into very limited service

IT-1 tank destroyer with raised superstructure and Drakon missile system, not produced

T-62 with Taifun missile system, 1961-1963, cancelled

IT-1 recovery vehicle, converted tank destroyers

Object 150T, turbine powered version of IT-1 with return roller chassis, 1964

IT-2 tank destroyer without gun and Drakon missile system instead, development only (chassis T-72?)

IT-2, chassis of T-62, produced in quantities 1968-1970

IT-130 tank destroyer (SU-130) with 130 mm M-76T gun

T-62 recovery version without turret and gun (M 1977 ARV)

T-62 with GIAT 120 mm smoothbore gun

T-62 with BMP-3 FCS and guided missile through barrel capacity, KBP 2000

Impulse-3M Impulse fire-fighting vehicle with multiple rocket launcher system, Ukraine

T-62 with 9M12 OVOD missile system on turret rear, 1961

Object 167 with T-62 chassis, with triple 9M14 (AT-3 SAGGER), two 73 mm 2A28 guns on two small sub-turrets and different suspension and engine later used for T-64 and T-80

GTU-1A tractor salvage vehicle

T-62 ARV

1995 Russia T-64 ARV (Stefan Marx, Moscow).jpg

T-64 MBTs

Object 166A, desinformation name for T-64

Object 219, MBT with T-64 chassis with GTD-1000T gas turbine, accepted for service in 1976 under designation  T-80

Object 287 Taifun-missile armed tank based on T-64 chassis with two unmanned subturrets with 73 mm Grom 2A28 guns, Komplex Falanga (9M11, 9M17M)                                                                                                                1961/2

Object 287, T-64A chassis with Taran-1 missile system                                                                                     1968-1970

Object 288 helicopter turbine engine testbed with Object 287 chassis, projected missile tank, 1 vehicle            1963

T-64A with Gjurea (?) AT missile system,                                                                                                               1968-1971

Object 288 with gas turbine, test vehicle with large driving cab and designd as observation vehicle, 1962

Object 288 with GTD-350T gas turbine

Object 430 with improved D-54 100 mm smothbore gun                                                                                     1960

Object 430 with D-54-TS 100 mm rifled gun,                                                                                                       1958-1960

Object 431 Experimental tank destroyer

Object 432, based on Object 430,  with 115 mm D-68 (2A21) smothbore gun, protoype for T-64              1963-1965

+ basic vehicle for ATGM developments, cancelled

Object 433 (?) suspension testbeds

Object 772, project of missile firing tank, based on T-64 with 301-P or LOTOS-missile (system Taifun)           1962 (1959-1966)

Object 775, T-64 chassis based on Object 432, with hydropneumatic suspension and compressed turret for 125 mm gun/missile system,  some with Rubin missile system, project cancelled , 1 vehicle                                             1962

Object 775T with turbine engine

Object 780, Almaz experimental tank on 775 chassis with RUBIN missile system, (Komplex ASTRA)              1963-1964

T-64 (Object 434) with 115 mm D-68T (2A21) gun with folding armour panels over suspension, prototype 1964, 700 vehicles

T-64 (Object 434) with 125 mm smoothbore gun D-81, automatic loader and 5 TDF engine                             1967 – 1969

T-64A (Object 434) with 125 mm 2A46-1 gun, thermal sleeve, uninterrupted side skirts, Tutscha smoke grenade dischargers, upgraded series production vehicles, 1969

Object 434A, T-64 rebuild to T-64R standard

Object 435, modernised Object 430

Object 436, T-64 with V-45/UDT-45 engine

7,900 vehicles all versions in 1984

T-64A (Object 437), (M 1981/1) with 125 mm D-81T (2A26M2) smoothbore gun, some with smoke-mortar installation and fabric armour skirts, prototype 1969, production until 1987, in service with Belarus, Russia (3,982 in 1990, 186 in 1997), Ukraine (8000 produced, 2000 in service in 1998), Uzbekistan (100 in 1998)

T-64A with new R-123M radio set                                                                                                                                      1971

T-64A, with added 12.7 mm NSVT AA-MG                                                                                                                        1972

T-64A with KMT-6 mine clearing device                                                                                                                           1973

T-64A with increased armour protection for turret, deep wading capability to 1.8 m                                             1974

T-64A with additional fuel, thermal sleeve                                                                                                                      1975

T-64                       (Object 437), based on Object 434 with 125 mm D-85 gun                                                            1966

T-64AK                   (Object 437K)  command version                                                                                                      1973

T-64AK                   (Object 446)

T-64A rebuild, improved older version                                                                                                                             1974

T-64A with more fuel canisters and thermal gun sleeve                                                                                              1975

T-64A with added 9M112M Kobra missile system capability                                                                               1975/1976

T-64A with Tucha (Tutsha) smoke grenade launchers                                                                                                  1979

T-64A modernisation with side skirts, smoke grenade launchers, thermal sleeve                                                1980


T-64AKM, T-64AK with Diesel engine 6TD                                                                                                                      1984

T-64AM modernisation with new Diesel engine 6TD, new cast turret, ceramic components                               1983

T-64B Beshka (Object 447A) with 125 mm D-81T (2A46-2) gun, 9M112 Kobra/AT-8 Songster capability, metal-reinforced rubber side skirts, prototype 1976 (SMT M1980/2), 1,600+ vehicles (including T-64B1), Ukraine

T-64B with Type 902B Tucha smoke mortars (SMT M1981/1)

Object 437A, based on T-64B with new 9K112-1 missile system                                                                             1976

T-64B1 series production version, (Object 437A) without 9K112 Kobra / AT-8 capability                                    1976

T-64B1 series production version, (Object 437A) with 9K112 Kobra / AT-8 capability, 400                                 1981

T-64B-1, Ukraine 2002

T-64B1K (Object 438) command version


T-64B1M, (Object 437AM), based on T-64B1, new engine, no (?) 9K112-1 missile system, series production  1983

T-64B1V, T-64B1 with ERA

T-64BK, command version of T-64B                                                                                                                               1976

T-64 swimming tank               (Object 440)

T-64 with V-45 engine            (Object 445), based on Object 434 with new Diesel engine                                    1966

T-64 with series production Kobra missile system, (Object 447A)                                                                           1976

T-64BM   with new 6TD engine, (Object 447AM), upgraded vehices                                                                  1983-1985

T-64BM                                  (Object 447T), with diesel engine, prototype 1981, 1984

T-64B(M) - in service with Ukraine

T-64BM1M, Ukraine

T-64BM2, Ukraine 2002

T-64A/B with 5TDF engine, few

T-64 with V-45K engine         (Object 173)

T-64B-R with reactive armour tiles

T-64 prototype with Cobra     (Object 447)                                                                                                                    1975

T-64BV                                   (Object 447BV) T-64B with ERA, Transnistria, Ukraine 2002

T-64 recovery vehicle            (Object 447T)

T-64BV (T-64B mod)             (Object 447V) with Kontakt ERA - explosive reactive armour,                              since 1983/85

+ with 125 mm 2A46-1 gun

+ with 125 mm 2A46-2 gun

T-64BV-1 = T-64B1 with ERA, Ukraine 2002

T-64BV1 = T-64BV-1

T-64BV1K command version with ERA

T-64 M 1980 with flexible side skirts

T-64 M1980/2 with LASER-RF

T-64R (Object 432A) with 125 mm gun 2A46-2 and Kobra missile capability, small series 1964-1969

T-64T (Object 003) with helicopter gas-turbine 1963-1965

T-64U (=T-64BM2), upgraded T-64B and T-64B1 to T-80DU standard, Ukraine 2001

+ Object 447AM1 with 9K119 Refleks / AT-11 Sniper capability

+ Object 447 AM2 with 9K119 Refleks / AT-11 Sniper capability and 1A45 Irtish sighting system, TKN-4S Agat comboination sight, Ukraine 2002

+ with Zaslon ADS since 2007

Object 455, T-64 drive trainer

Object 476 experimental standard tank for 6TD engine, 3 vehiles with this engine                                             1975


The BMP-K-64 armored personnel carrier was developed as a private venture by Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau. Previously this vehicle was referred as BMPT-K-64. It is a conversion of the ageing T-64 main battle tank. First prototype was completed in 2005. Developers refer this vehicle as wheeled infantry fighting vehicle. Similar tracked vehicle is called BMPV-64. As of 2014 the BMP-K-64 exists only as a prototype. (wikipedia)


BMPT-64 HIFV with longer chassis and compartment for dismounts, prototype Ukraine 2009

Strazh (Sentinel) T-64 chassis with 2x30 mm ZTM-2 automatic cannons in Doublet turret, Zhytomyr in Ukraine, 2017

Azov city tank Azovets based on T-64 chassis with two aircraft guns GSh-23, Ukraine 2017

T-72 MBTs

Object 172 Ural with 125 mm D-81 T (2A-46) gun with suspension and running gear of T-64, V-45 diesel engine, 1968/9

Object 172 with 125 mm D-81 T (2A-46) gun with suspension and running gear of T-64, with V-46 diesel engine, 1969

Object 172M Ural tank, early developments of T-72 based on T-64 technology with new running gear, engine and suspension, 125 mm D-81T gun, later called T-72, 1971

T-72-2M, pre-series T-72 without turret applique armour, 1972

T-72 Ural (Object 172M / Object 46), with 125 mm D-81TM gun, since 1973 fully operational

In service with: Algeria (250 in 2016, 325 in 2018), Angola (22 in 2016), Armenia (84, 144 in 2016), Australia, Azerbaijan (376 in 2016), Belarus (1327 in 2016), Belgium, Bulgaria (+100 in 1998, 90 in 2016), Canada, Central African Republic, Congo (Democratic Republic) (20 in 2016), Croatia, Cuba, Czech army (58 from Hungary in 2014, 40+80 in 2016), Ethiopia (230-250 in 2016), Finland, France, Georgia (2016, modernised), Hungary (44 in 2016), India (1,500, 1700 T-72/T-72M1 Ajeya in 2016), Iraq (100 in 1980, 500 in 1988, 77 from Hungary in 2008, 80+ in 2016), Iran (100 in 1988 from Libya, 480 from SU in 1989), Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan (650 in 2016), Kenya (some in 2016), Kyrgyztan, Libya, Macedonia (31 from Ukraine 2001), Mongolia (50 in 2016), Morocco (48 from Belarus surplus in 2001, 40 in 2016), NLA, Nagorno-Karabakh (substantial numbers), Peru (150 in 2002), Poland (1978, 188 in 2016), PRC (50), Romania, Russia (9000 in 1999), Serbia (53 stored in 2016 + 30 from Russia in 2016), Sierra Leone (2 from Ukraine through Poland in 2002, 2? in 2016 stored?), Slovakia (30 in 2016), Sudan (150 refurbished and 20 spares are being delivered by Russia in 2016 ), SPLA, Sweden, Syria (1500), Tajikistan, Turkmenistan (700 in 2016 mostly in storage), Ukraine, Uzbekistan, UK, USA, Yemen (39 in 2002), Yugoslavia and NVA; 10,000 vehicles sold worldwide in 1999; Total production: 20 574 at UralVagonZavod facility at Nizhny Tagil.

T-72 Ural-1 (Object 172M-1) with 125 mm D-81TM (2A46) gun, additional turret armour (Dolly Parton), metal-reinforced side skirts, wrong designation T-74, 1979 production

T-72 Model 1974                                   (Object 172-2M)

T-72 Model 1975 for export

T-72 Model 1976 Export                        (Object 172M-Eh)

T-72 Model 1978 Export                        (Object 172M-Eh1)

T-72M Model 1978 Export                     (Object 172M-Eh2)

T-72M Model 1980 Export                     (Object 172M-1-Eh3)

T-72M Model 1982 Export                     (Object 172M-1-Eh4)

T-72M Model 1983 Export                     (Object 172M-1-Eh5)

T-72M1 Model 1983 Export                   (Object 172M-1-Eh6)

T-72A = SMT 1980/2 misidentified as T-80

T-72A = SMT 1981/3, with modified turret and anti-radiation cladding

T-72A Ural (Object 174), with plastic armour sideskirts, prototype 1978, in service with Czechoslovakia, Poland

T-72A (Object 176) with 125 mm 2A46 gun, LASER-RF, 1979

+ since 1982 with stabilising system 2E42-2

T-72AG, upgraded T-72, 1998, Ukraine, Czech Republic

T-72AK (Object 176K) command version, SMT 1980/1, 1975/1979

T-72AK1 company command tank without 10 m antenna

T-72AV (= T-72AW) with 125 mm 2A46 gun, with ERA, 1985

T-72B (Object 182) Dolly Parton version with applique armour, 1983/1985, in service with Hungary, Poland

T-72 experimental flame-thrower (Object 183)

T-72B Olkha (Object 184), with 9K120 Svir capability, 1985

T-72B1 (Object 184-1) Super Dolly Parton without AT-11 Svir capability (9M119 Reflecks), 1985

In service with: Laos, Nicaragua, Uganda (30+ in 2016)

T-72B1K command version, SMT M1986

T-72B1V with ERA - Explosive Reaction Armour packages (SMT M-1988) - In service with Azerbaijan, Venezuela (92 in 2016)

T-72B2 (Object 184-2)

T-72B3 Obr.2016 standard with Kalina FCS, 2016               In service with Russia (appr. 500 in 2019)

T-72B3 mod., 2016

T-72B3 Storm remotely controlled MBT, 2018

T-72B3M, 2018 (T-72B3 Obr.2016)       In service with Russia (10)

T-72BK command version of T-72S, SMT M1988, FST-1, 1985/1987

T-72B with Kontakt ERA

T-72B based Tank Support Combat Vehicle with two coaxial 30 mm 2A42 cannons, 7.62 mm PKTM machine-gun, 2x2 Ataka ATGM launchers on turret and two 30 mm AG-170 AGL on fenders, 2004

T-72BM or T-72B(M) (Object 187), with applique armour, Svir capability, 1985/1986/1989

T-72BME, Belarus

T-72BU (Object 188) with T-80U FCS, later called T-90, in service with Iraq

T-72BV with explosive reactive armour (identical with T-90E)


T-72C identical with T-72S, in service with India

T-72Eh, basic export model

T-72Eh-1, basic export model

T-72Eh-2, export model of T-72M

T-72Eh-3, export model of T-72M

T-72Eh-4, export model of T-72M

T-72Eh-5, export model of T-72M1

T-72Eh-6, export model of T-72M1

T-72G (Object 172M = T-72M) export version of T-72A with flipper armour panels, in service with Iraq, Poland

T-72G in service with Iraq, without smoke dischargers

T-72G intermediate production with fabric side skirts                                                                           (also NVA)

T-72G late production with smoke mortars at turret

T-72K Ural-K (Object 172MK) Command vehicle regimental and battalion commander with 10 m antenna, 1973/1974 (also Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, USA; NVA (549))

T-72K1                                                                                                                  (also Czechoslovakia, USA, NVA)

T-72 Karrar - Iranian upgrade, 2016

T-72M export version with 125 mm D-81 gun, identical with T-72A, since 1980/3, (also Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, India, Poland; Syria (81) from CZ 1981, 58 from Slovakia in 1993; USA,Yugoslavia, NVA)

T-72M (Object 172M) Medium tank in Czech and Polish service with folding gill armour skirts, LASER-RF, 1978, in service with Iraq; Venezuele (92 in 2011)

T-72M1 (Object 172M-1) und T-72M1P (also with KMT-6) with 125 mm D-81TM (2A46) gun, since 1978/1982

In service with:  Bulgaria (334, +100), Czechoslovakia (541 M/M1 in 1998), Finland (162 in 1999), Hungary (138 + 100 in 1996 from Belarus), India (1978-1994, 500 T-72, T-72M, T-72M1; 800 M1 in 1997), Iran (104 in 1995 from Poland, +126), Iraq (77 in 2003 from Hungary), Poland (684 in 2001 all M-models), Syria, USA, Uzbelistan, NVA

T-72M1 AJEYA, in service with India (900 locally build), 1978-1994

T-72M1, ugrade by Bumar-Labedy, India, 235 in 2002

T-72M1, upgrade by Uralvagonzavod 2003

T-72M-1978, India (500)

T-72 upgrade programme Rhino, 1986

T-72M1 Assad Babil, Iraq 1989, few

T-72M1D command version, Poland, production since 1987

T-72MK command tank, SMT M1980,                                  (also Czechoslovakia, USA, NVA)

T-72MK1                                                                                (also Czechoslovakia, Poland, USA, NVA)

T-72M1K, SMT M1981                                                          (also Czechoslovakia, Finland, Poland, USA, NVA)

T-72M1K1                                                                             (also Czechoslovakia, Finland, Poland, USA, NVA)

T-72M1M = export T-72B1 or T-72S, 1987/1988

T-72M1 OEM upgrade package, 2012

T-72M2 with reactive armour and smoke grenade launchers at right side, early production

T-72M2 with smoke grenade launchers on left side, late production, Bulgaria: 200 to be upgraded starting 2002

T-72MP, Ukraine, CZ, France (Sagem)

T-72S Model 1990 Export (Object 172M8), 1988, in service with Iran (licence, 200+ in 2016), Myanmar (50 in 2016)

T-72S Shilden (= T-72M1M Object 184) with extensive Kontakt ERA coverage, 9K120 Svir capability, 1987

T-72S1 export version without 9M119 capability

T-72SK command version

SMT M1990

Object 477 Molot (Hammer), planned replacement of T-72, cancelled mid 1980s

T-72 modernised, North Korea 1999

T-72V not produced

T-72Z Iranian upgrade of T-54/55 and T-59 MBTs with 105 mm gun (350 in 2016)

T-72 with French power pack, France

T-72 with SANOET-2 Improved FCS, Coy. SAT of France, Coy. Peleng-Belemo

T-72 with IST Dynamics (South Africa) FCS, prototype 2004

T-72 with improved 2A46M 125 mm gun, proposal 2006

T-72 with 120 mm smoothbore tank gun M-395 L50 which is capable of firing Western one-piece 120 mm ammunition, 2006

T-72 with GCT 155 mm turret, France, request in India

Fahrausbildungspanzer (learner vehicle) FAB 172M                                                                           (also NVA)

BMPT Terminator heavy support MICV with 30 mm 2A42 or 2A72 cannon; In service with: Algeria (300 ordered in 2016), Kazakhstan (30+ in 2016), Russia 2004 (cancelled 2010), Kazakhstan 2012

+ new two-person turret with 9K120 Ataka ATGW pod on either side, 2009

BMPT-72 Terminator 2, reduced crew due to removal of bow-mounted AGLs, more powerful diesel engine, 2013

In service with: Algeria (negtiations in 2019)

BMT-72 heavy MICV with 125 mm KBA-3 gun, Ukraine 2004

MTU-72 (Object 632) armoured bridge layer with T-72s chassis, 1974, in service with Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia and NVA

BLP-72, in service with NVA

Armoured recovery and repair vehicle BREM-1, 1975

BTS-5B prime mover on T-72 chassis with 12 ton outrigger, Ukraine 2002

Bridge Layer Tank BLT, chassis of T-72M1, India 1997, 12 in 2001


IMR-2 (Object 637) combat engineer vehicle, 1980

IMR-2M obstacle remover on chassis object 637

IMR-2MA obstacle remover, based on T-90 chassis

IMR-2M1 combat engineer vehicle, 1982, production 1987-1990

IMR-2M2 combat engineer vehicle, 1990/1993

TMR-2MA combat engineer vehicle with combat weight of 50 tons

IMR-3 on T-72 chassis, 2001

IMR-3M Obstacle Remover, Russia 2012

Robot-2 combat engineer vehicle, 2001

Indian recovery vehicle

T-74M, T-72M1 with added anti-radiation sheeeting, since 1984

TOS-1 Buratino Heavy Flamethrower System (HFS) with 30-tube launcher for 220 mm rockets; In service with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq (2014), Kazakhstan (2011), Syria

TOS-1A (BM-1) Buratino Heavy Flamethrower System (HFS) with 24 tubes for 220 mm rockets, Russia 2012 - In service with Azerbaijan (18 in 2016)

TZM-1 Resupply Vehicle for TOS-1A, Rusia 2012

TZM-T Resupply Vehicle for TOS-1A

Prototype BMO-T heavy APC, Russia 2007, series vehicles are planned to be based on T-90.


T-72 in Azerbaijan:

T-72 Nunuk


T-72 in Czech and Slovak service:

T-72M1 licence production 1979-1980

T-72M1-A with Dyna-72 ERA, Czech Republic, 1993

T-72M2 Moderna (former Antares) with SABCA FCS, with two 20 mm Oerlikon-Contraves AD cannons, with Dyna-72 ERA, Slovaki upgrade 1993

T-72M2 Moderna with Slovaki 125 mm 2A46 gun one 30 mm 2A42 cannon, Slovakia 1996

T-72M2 prototype with Dyna-72 ERA, Czech Republic, 1997

T-72M3 = T-72MP

T-72M4 = T-72CZ with NIMDA power pack

T-72CZ (former CZ-2000), Czech Republic 1992, 250 upgrades considred, problems

T-72M4CZ, Czech upgrade 2001, problems solved

T-72MP, T-72 upgrade in co-operation with Ukraine

T-72M1 155 mm SPG

MT-72 AVLB, Slovakia, available

VT-72A ARV with light crane, only prototype

VT-72B Czech recovery vehicle, based on T-72M1, in service with Czech and Slovaki Republics, India (35 in 1993), Russia

VT-72M4 CZ with Perkins Condor engine, reactive armour, 3 in 2008

T-72M1 ZUZANA 40 with 155 mm howitzer Himalaya, prototype 1996


T-72 in Egypt:

T-72Z (modified T-54/55 and T-59)



T-72 in India :

T-72 BLT Bridge Layer Tank (2018)


T-72 in Israel:

T-72 protection enhancement, Rafael

T-72 modernisation, Elbit 2002


T-72 in Kazakhstan :

T-72A fitted with a modern Optronics, thermal imaging and fire control provided by Elbit Systems, 2016

T-72B3 configured with a new urban warfare kit developed by the original manufacturer Uralvagonzavod, 2016

T-72KZ Shegis (East), 2012


T-72 in Poland: (662 MBT including 287 T-72M1/M1D in 2002)

T-72M1 Wolf/Wilk, predecessor to PT-91


T-72M1K commander‘ s tank

T-72M1Z with South African Tiger FCS

T-72M1Z, Polish upgrade with South African Denel FCS

T-72M, modernised to NATO standard, 51 planned in 2001

PT-17, PT-91 upgrade 2017

T-72 Mod.2019, upgrade, up to 318 to be upgraded in 2019

PT-91 Twardy, improbed T-72 design with ERAWA armour tiles, Poland 1994 (233, 186 in 2001)

PT-91A1 (CZOLG) Twardy with SAGEM Savan FCS, 2001, Malaysia (order of 48 in 2002), Poland 226 in 2002

PT-91M, modernised version, 27 planned in 2001

PT-91M2, 2019

PT-91M2 A1 with Elbit TIFCS and RWS and non-combined engien-transmission; 2019

PT-91M2 A2, 2019

PT-99 T-72 modernized with Leopard features, proposal and planned, Poland 2001

PT-91 based AD weapon system LOARA: proposal 1999

+ missile version with 6 SAMs

+ 35 mm gun/cannon version Radwar Defender 2001, 2001

T-72 chassis with twin 35 mm AA-gun system LOARA similar to Gepard, Poland 2001, 9 ordered, 160 in total planned

MID Armoured Engineer Vehicle, available since 1992

SJ09 training tank

WZT-3 Armoured recovery and repair vehicle, in service with Croatia, Poland


PMC-90 ARV = Exportversion des WZT-3, Poland

WTZ-4 ARV on T-72 chassis ? 6 ordered by Malaysia, 2004

PMC-90 AVLB, Poland 1990s, 5 ordered by Malaysia, 2004

PMCz-90 AVLB (= PMCz-94), based on T-72M1


TR-125, Romania


T-72 in Ukraine:                     never built in Ukraine

T-72AM Banan with ERA-tiles, in service with Ukraine

T-72AMT upgraded MBT, Ukraine 2018

T-72 modernised, Ukraine

T-72B upgrade offer, 2011

T-72E1 MBT, 2012

T-72 learner vehicle with dummy ordnance and turret with windows, Ukraine 1999

T-72-120 Yatagan PT-17 with 120 mm smoothbore gun KBM2 L44 Ukraine, proposal 1998

BMPT-72 HIFV with longer chassis and compartment for dismounts, prototype Ukraine 2009

BMPT-84 HIFV with longer chassis and compartment for dismounts, Ukraine 2009



T-72 in Yugoslavia and follow-on countries:

M-84 (=T-72M1 Yugoslavia), 1982, in service with Croatia (30 in 1998), Libya, Serbia, Slovenia (50 in 1998), Syria

M-84A = T-72G, with Object 172M-1 turret, in service with Russia (1!), Yugoslavia (502 both versions)

M-84AB desert version, in service with Kuwait (200 since 1989)

+ command version, in service with Kuwait (15)

+ ARV, in service with Kuwait (15)

M-84A4 Snaijper (Sniper) with Omega-84 FCS, Croatia

M-84AB, Croatia 1998

M-84AB1, in serive with Kuwait, Serbia

M-84ABK command version with navigation equipment


M-84ABN with navigation equipment

M-84AS1 upgrade, Serbia 2017

M-95, M-84 upgrade, Degman, Croatia 1999

M-84B, Croatia

Type 85 Khalid, PRC, Pakistan 1992

V 2001, under development in 1995, never entered production

1995 T-80U (Stefan Marx, Abu Dhabi)_1.jpg

T-80 MBTs

1995 Russia MBT (Stefan Marx, Abu Dhabi)_1.jpg

T-80 prototype Object 219 sp1

T-80 prototype Object 219 sp2

T-80 (Object 219, 1970) with 125 mm 2A46 gun and 3M119 Svir (AT-11 SNIPER) capability, 1976

In service with Balarus (80 in 2016), PRC, Russia (4,876 in 1990 all versions; 3,210 in 1997; 3500 in 1999), Ukraine (322 in 1998), Uzbekistan

very reliable in winter conditions, very crowded, inferior FCS

T-80, Modell 1976 with SD-1000 turbine engine, without AD Mg

T-80 with AT-8 capability, since 1978, in service with Belarus, Poland, PRC

T-80A (Object 219A) with 125 mm 2A46M1 gun, 9K112 Kobra missile capability (?), 1982

Object 219E with Schtora-1 and thermal imager

T-80B Beryoza (Object 219R) , (SMT M1983/1) with 125 mm 2A46M-1 gun and with ceramic armour, 9K112 Kobra missile capability, 1976/1978

+ T-80B remanufactured with improved GTD-1000TF engine

+ T-80B remanufactured with 125 mm 2A46-2 gun

+ T-80B remanufactured with additional armour plate on upper glacis, 1984

+ T-80B with Arena active protection system (KAZT)

T-80 prototype vehicle Object 219RD with 125 mm 2A46-2 (2A46M1) gun, Diesel engine A-53-2 (2W-16-2), 1975-1976

T-80BK (Object 630) command version without Kabra system, 1978

T-80B1K (Object 630)

Object 644, T-80B with V-46-6 engine

Object 219B

Object 219RD, T-80 with A-53-2 Diesel engine

Object 219RM, T-80 experimental version

T-80BV (Object 219RV) with Kontakt ERA - Explosivr Reactive Armour, 1985

T-80BV 2018 version

T-80BVK command version, 1985

T-80BVM, 2017;

T-80BVM, 2019 version, 62 upgraded in 2020

T-80B (Object 219V) with125 mm 2A46M1 gun and ATGM complex „Irtysch“ and „Relex“, 1983

T-80B1 with AT-8 SONGSTER capability (9M112 Cobra)


T-80U Bereza (Object 219AS), (SMT M1989) with AT-11 / 9M119 Refleks, with Kontakt-5 ERA, 1979, production since 1985

In service with Morocco (5 early 1990s), Cyprus (27 since 1993, 82 in 2016), Oman (few), Russia (180), South Korea (33, 80 1995-1998, 30-40 in 2002, 36 in 2016), UK (1)

+ T-80U with Drozd active protection complex

+ T-80U with Shtora-1 active protection system, 1995

+ T-80U upgraded with with GTD-1250T turbine engine, 1980?

+ T-80U upgraded with 1500 HP engine

+ T-80U+ upgraded version

T-80U-1 (Object 219A) with Cobra guided projectile system, few

T-80UD prototype (Object 478) with 125 mm D-81-3 (2A46M1) gun, 1976, 1987

T-80UD (Object 478B) with 125 mm 2A46M1 gun and with Diesel engine 6TD, with Kontakt-1 ERA, prototype 1986, 1988 - 1992, in service with Cyprus (14), Pakistan (320 since 1997 from Ukraine, 320 in 2016), Ukraine (800+)

Object 478BE, T-80DU for Pakistan

Object 478M, experimental tank with 125 mm 2A46M1 gun and with Shater/Arena active protection system, 1976

T-80UDK command tank (Object 484)

T-80UD based ferry, 2007


T-80UK (Object 630A) command version with 125 mm 2A46M1 gun, Shtora, 1990s - In service with Cyprus

T-80UM (Object 219M), Model 1993, with gas turbine, upgraded version with new thermal sight and 9M119M ATGM system, 1985

T-80UM Model 1995

T-80U(M) = Object 219AS modernised, 1985

Object 219V, T-80 prototype with 9K119 ATGM

Object 219Ye, T-80B with Shtora-1 and Agava

T-80U-M1 Bars with Shtora-1 with 125 mm 2A46M4 gun, LASER emmission detector and Arena active protection system , GTD-1250G engine

T-80UM-1 Bars with Drozd-2 active protection system

T-80UM-2 Black Eagle, Object 640, prototype 1998 (?)

T-80U with improved 2A46M-1 125 mm gun, proposal 2006

T-80 with improved 2A46M-4 125 mm gun, proposal 2006

BREM-80U armoured repair and recovery vehicle, in service with Cyprus (4)

+ command and staff vehicle, proposal

+ ammunition resupply vehicle, proposal

T-80 chassis for Infantry Fighting Vehicle

152 mm Self-propelled howitzer Ferma with 2A65 ordnance, prototype of 2S19

152 mm Self-propelled artillery system 2S19 MSTA-S (Object 316) with 2A64 howitzer (replacement of 2S3), 1989

In service with: Azerbaijan (18 in 2016), Belarus (13 in 1998-2016), Ethiopia, India (1998 120 vehicles on order), Russia (371 in 1991, 563 in 1995), Ukraine (40 in 1998), Venezuela (48 in 2016). 690+ built until 2014.

152 mm Self-propelled gun 2S19MSTA-S1

152 mm Self-propelled artillery system 2S19M, fitted with AGFCS

155 mm Self-propelled artillery system 2S19M1 with ASUNO-155; Venezuela 2011 (48)

152 mm Self-propelled artillery system 2S19M2 with KUMZ, ASUNO-M, ARM-V, 2014

155 mm Self-propelled howitzer 2S19 with M-388 52-calibre ordnance and large muzzle brake, proposal for export, offered 2006

155 mm Self-propelled howitzer 2S30 Iset

155 mm Self-propelled Howitzer with 52cal. barrel Msta-S-155


The 1K17 Szhatie (Russian: 1К17 Сжатие — "Compression") is a self-propelled laser vehicle of Soviet origin. The platform uses a Msta-Schassis with a battery of laser projectors mounted in the turret. It was developed by the Soviet Union in order to disable the optical-electronic equipment of enemy missiles, ground and aerial vehicles.


2S33 MSTA-SM2 = new designation for 2S9M2


152 mm 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV, based on hull components of T-90 and as previously guessed from the T-14, 2015 (do not mix with identically named two-barrel SPAAG)

+ a wheeled version is in development 2016

T-80 chassis for DONETS SAM vehicle, Ukraine 1999

T-80 modified chassis with externally mounted 140 mm gun, prototype 1994

T-80 chassis with South-African T-6 155 mm turret, Indian tests

T-80 chassis for TEL missile system RS-14 Temp-2S, proposal

Highly-Protected Special Transport Vehicle using components of T-80U with armoured and heigthened superstructure, 1995

T-84 (T-80DU with new welded turret) produced in Ukraine with 125 mm 2A46-2 gun (KBA-3), 9M119 Refkeks, with Kontakt-5 ERA, 9 in 1993, Pakistan (320to 380 in 1999),  in service with Cyprus (up to 40)

T-84 with Varta avtive protection system, Ukraine

T-84M with 125 mm KBA-3 gun, in service with Ukraine

T-84U (=T-84M)

T-84UDK, command version, 1999

T-84-120 BM Yatagan with RUAG L50 gun tube, offered for Turkish competition in 2000

T-84-120 BM Oplot MBT with NATO-standard 120-mm-smoothbore gun KBM2, Thailand (2014; 20+ in 2016, 49 to be delivered until 2017), Ukraine (2001, 1 only in 2018 (?), 160 in 2016)

T-64M BM BULAT MBT, Ukraine 2012

BREM-84 ARV, based onnchassis of T-80UD, in service with Ukraine

BTMP heavy infantry fighting vehicle, Ukraine

T-84 SPAAG with ZSU-23-4 turret

Object 636, tank prototype

Object 825SP3, transport vehicle for missile Temp-2S, proposal (?)

T-84 with Merkava features, in development 2001

ATLET ARV, base on T-84 chassis, Ukraine 2012

1995 T-80UK (Stefan Marx, Moscow)_1.jpg
1995 Russia MBT (Stefan Marx, Abu Dhabi)_2.jpg
1995 T-84 (Stefan Marx, Abu Dhabi)_1.jpg

T-90 MBTs

T-90 (Object 188), T-72B chassis with T-72BM turret and T-80 FCS, D-81TM 125 mm (2A46M-1) gun, Refleks capability, 1991

In service with: Algeria (300), Azerbaijan, Iraq (T-72BM), Mongolia (not confirmed), Russia (107 in 1994, 120 in 1998, 31 in 2006, some 3200 with T-72 in 2016), India (310 ordered in 2001), Libya, Russia (500 in 2009), Syria (1400 in 2016), Turkmenistan (10+ in 2013), Uganda

T-90A, 2004

T-90C = T-90S

T-90E (SMT 1990) export model with different sighting system and AT-11 capability

T-90M with 2A46M-5 gun and new turret and commandre’s ROWS, 2020

T-90M Proryv-2 (Breakthrogh 2) MBT, 2005

T-90M Proryv-3 (Breakthrough 3) MBT

T-90MS (or T-90SM) upgrade with 125 mm 2A64M-4 smoothbore gun, 2012 - In service with India

T-90S (Object 188S) with 125 mm 2A46M gun and with Reflecks AT-11 Sniper capability (9M119 missile) = T-72BM version, Shtora, 1993

In service with Algeria (505 in 2016), Azerbaijan (52 in 2016), India (850+ T-90M/MS Bhishma in 2016 wit a total of 1650+ ordered), Iraq (73 in 2018), Turkmenistan (few in 2009), Uganda (44 in 2019)

T-90 prototype with turbine engine, India (40 in 2001, 310 total)

T-90S BHISHMA, some 200+ in service with India in 2004, total order of 310

T-90SK command tank, 2012

T-90 with improved 2A46M 125 mm gun, proposal 2006

T-90 with improved 2A46M-5 125 mm gun, proposal 2006

T-90 based Tank Support Combat Vehicle with two coaxial 30 mm 2A42 cannons, 7.62 mm PKTM machine-gun, 2x2 Ataka ATGM launchers on turret and two 30 mm AG-170 AGL on fenders, 2004

BREM-1M ARRV based on T-90/T-90S chassis, 2008

BMR-3 Vepr (Boar) Armoured engineer vehicle, based on T-90 chassis, with KMT-7, marker poles and influence device, 1999

BMR-3M armoured mine-clearing vehicle with KMT rollers, available

Prokhod-1 remotely-controlled BMR-3; controlled by KamAZ truck based system

IRM-3 obstacle clearing vehicle

IRM-3M obstacle clearing vehicle

Podgruppa-T mine-clearing vehicle based on T-90 hull, 2012

MTU-90 AVLB Gusenitsa-1 with three-part bridge, based on T-90 chassis, 1996 - In service with Azerbaijan

MTU-90M upgraded AVLB, Russia 2012

UBIM AEV based on T-90M chassis; 2019

Type 90, PRC


M95 (V-2001), 1990, Serbia


T-95 MBT (Objekt 95, 195) with external gun turret, 152 mm 2A83 smoothbore gun, abandoned in 2010

Kort-K mineclearing vehicle based on T-95 hull, 2010


Full tracked chassis for Kentavr self-propelled AA-gun/SAM missile system, Ukraine proposal 2000

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