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1988 Hohenfels T-62 Stefan Marx Tanks-Trucks-Armoured Vehicles-Engineer Equipment-Weapons-

1989 Hohenfels T-62

T-62 Zeichnungen Stefan Marx Tanks-Trucks-Armoured Vehicles-Engineer Equipment-Weapons-Arm

Object 166, predecessor of T-62 with extended T-55 hull, 1957

T-62 (Object 165), Medium tank early proposal, abandoned

T-62 (Object 166), Yubilenije, Medium tank with 115 mm U-5TS (2A20) gun, 1958 – 1975: 19,019

In service with: Afghanistan (255 1973-1991), Algeria (300, 159), Angola (364 1980-1994, +24 from Bulgaria, 18 in 2016), Belarus (459 in 1992, 170 in 2000), Bulgaria (250), Cuba (400 in 2016, 380 in 2020), Czechoslovakia (only production for export, 1 for evaluation), Egypt (1,300, +167 in 1971, 500 in 2016), Eritrea (from Ethiopia), Ethiopia (100 since 1977, 75 in 2016), Georgia, Iran (315 from Libya and Syria, 100 in 1988 from Bulgaria and Libya, 100 in 2016 50 in 2020), Iraq (2,850 1973-1989, 800 in 1980, 100 in 1988 from Poland and Romania), Israel, Kazakhstan (280 in 2016 mostly stored), Kurdiatan (appr. 170), Lebanon (appr. 60 1988-1989), Libya (900 1973-1978), Mongolia (250 since 1977), Mozambique, North Korea (500 1970-1975), Poland, PRC (The PLA captured a Soviet T-62 in 1969 during the Ussuri conflict), Romania, Russia (2,021 in 1990, removed from service in 2013), Somalia, Soviet Union (25 trials tanks, total production 19,651, 12,900 in 1985), Sudan (24 in 2016), Syria (1000 1973-1984, 1000 in 2016), Tajikistan (10, 7 in 2020), Tanzania (24 in 2016), Turkmenistan (7 in 2020), Ukraine (400, none after 2000), UNITA, USA (appr. 20 from Israel and possibly Egypt), Uzbekistan (170), Vietnam (appr. 220 purchased from SU after Vietnam War), Yemen (North 16 from SU, South 270 from SU, Houthi 56 from Bulgaria in 1994)

T-62 Model 1961 (Object 166) without AD machine-gun, basic version early production

Object 166M, experimental T-62 with improved 5-wheel suspension, Diesel V-36F engine

T-62 mit Seitenschürzen (6 Metallplatten) und abspreizbarem Schutzschirm (ZEhT-1 Zontik or Shater) am Rohr vorne

T-62 with UB-32 57 mm rocket launcher on top of turret, used in Afghanistan

T-62 in service with Iraq, with additional splinter protection for IR searchlights

T-62 experimental version Object 166ML / Object 167 with 9M14 Malyutka /AT-3 SAGGER missile capability with three launchers on the right rear of turret, new suspension and multifuel engine, 1961

Object 167 with experimental chassis (T-72) and 115 mm U5-TS gun

Object 167 with 100 mm D-54 gun

Object 167M with 125 mm D-81T gun (T-62B)

Object 167ZH with Zhelud autoloader

Object 167 with Desant compartment (three-men dismounted scout team), study

Object 167T with 115 mm U5-TS gun and turbine engine GTD-3T, 1963

Object 167GTD with gas turbine engine, 1962/5

Object 177 Medium tank, improved object 167 or 140

T-62 Model 1962, Medium tank

T-62 Model 1963 with minor improvements considering reliability and armour thickness, better cooling, flash hider at the muzzle

T-62 Model 1964 with Meteor stabilizer and new radios (R-123 and R-124)

T-62 Model 1965 with minor improvements including exhaust manifolds, armoured front cover for TPN-1 night sight as well as new ammunition (3BM6 APFSDS)

T-62 Model 1966 with improved GPK-59 gyrocompass

T-62 Model 1967 (Object 166), Medium tank 1967 with OPVT equipment simplification

T-62 Model 1972 with new turret design to include DShK air defence machine gun for defence against combat helicopters

T-62 Tiran 6, Israel 1973, 160+

T-62 Model 1974 = T-62 M-1972 fitted with KTD-2 LASER-rangefinder but no other upgrades

T-62 Model 1975, unconfirmed alternative designation for Model 1974

T-62A (Object 165) with 100 mm D-54TS gun, 1961

T-62A (=T-62M) Medium tank since 1967 (upgraded Model 1967)

+ T-62 Model 1972 (Object 166) with 12.7 mm AD-Mg/DSchK-M, 1972, in service with Afghanistan, Iraq

++ T-62A in service with Iraq with additional splinter protection for IR searchlights and with Chinese „sawtooth“ composite skirts

+T-62 Model 1975 with LASER-RF

T-62 Model 1978 with LASER-RF KDT-1 and 12.7 mm DSchK-M MG

T-62 with KDT-1 LASER range-finder and two rows of stand-off skirt elements on the turret

T-62AM2 Medium tank with horse-shoe turret armour and Kladivo FCS, Czech production

T-62B (Object 166M) with V-36 multi-fuel engine, 1964

T-62BG, Ukrainian upgrade after 1990

T-62D (Object 166D) with side skirts and turret armour (Leonid’s Eyebrows), Type 1030 Drozd active protection system, 1983

T-62D with Volna FCS, guided projectile capability, Drozd-2 active tank protection system, proposal 1999

T-62D-1 (Object 166D-1) with additional V-46-5M engine upgrade

T-62E with horse-shoe turret armour and fabric armour skirts, in service with Afghanistan

T-62K command tank, 1964, 627 produced

T-62K command version with 4 m antenna (270+)

T-62M (Object 166M), (NATO T-62A) with 12.7 mm AD machine gun, bow applique armour, thermal sleeve, Volna FCS and guided projectile capability (9K116-1 Sheksna), KTD-2 (KDT-1) LASER Erange-finder, V-55 engine, with KMT-6 mine-clearing blades, 1965 - 1975, 1983,  In service with Afghanistan, Kazakhstan (280), Soviet Union (785), Syria

T-62M Model 1983 (Object 166M6) with Meteor-M1 stabiliser, guided projectile capability (9K116-2Shekna), Ilyich’s Eyebrows, nadnoy external turret lining and new radio equipment (R-173P, R-174, R-134), and Type 902B Tucha eight-barrel smoke grenade dischargers, as well as V-46M-5 engine

T-62M Model 1967 upgraded with Kontakt-1 ERA blocks, also similar Ukraine modification

T-62M Model 1996 modernized version with 1K32-2 laser sighting system

T-62M with Kontakt-5 reactive armour, Volna FCS and guided projectile capability, 2005

T-62M1 (Object 166M1) with additional armour protection, but without guided projectile capability, with V-55U engien, no ATGM complex (also Afghanistan)

T-62M1 with additional applique bar-armour (reshetka), seen in Afghanistan and during the 2nd Chechen War

T-62M-1 (Object 166M-1)with V-46-5M engine upgrade

T-62M1-1 = T-62M1 with V-46-5M engine upgrade and without guided projectile capability

T-62M1-2 (Object 166M1-2)

T-62M1-2 = T-62M1 with additional armour package, including floor armour, but without glacis applique armour

T-62M1-2-1 = T-62M1-2 with V-46-5M engine upgrade

T-62M2 (= T-62M1-2) without additional glacis and hull floor armour (VLD)

T-62M with Ukrainian fire control system and ERA array

T-62MB (Object 166MB) with 12.7 mm AD machine gun, brow applique armour, Volna FCS and guided projectile capability (9K116-1 Sheksna), 1985

T-62MB-1, T-62MB with V-46-5M engine

T-62MD with Drozd active protection system, 1985

T-62MK command version of T-62M

T-62MV (Object 166MV, T-162MW) with 115 mm U5-TS gun, thermal sleeve, explosive reactive armour, LASER range-finder KTD-2, Volna FCS, side skirts, additional belly armour, some had KDZ blocks mounted on side skirts, 1985    In service with Syrian Arab Army since 2019

T-62 with ERA, Russian upgrade proposal 1998

T-62MV Model 1961 upgraded with Kontakt-1 ERA blocks

T-62MV Model 1967 upgraded with Kontakt-1 ERA blocks

T-62MV Model 1972 upgraded with ERA-blocks in a slightly different manner

T-62MV-1 with V-46-5M engine upgrade

T-62MV without turret, Ukrainian conversion to basic recovery vehicle; 1990s

T-62 with Sakr smoke rockets (Egypt)

T-62 with 105 mm gun L7A1, Egypt

T-62 Chonma-ho-MBT, North Korean modification, 40 in 2004

TO-62 flame thrower

T-62P (Object 166P) with POV-50 radiation liner (nadboy panels), 2 prototypes

Object 167P with Poboy radiation liner

T-62T2A2 = T-62D with Drozd upgrade, cancelled

T-62 in Iraqi service with small modifications, no missile capability

T-62 Model 2001 with Meteor twin axis gun stabilisation, 12.7 mm NSVT heavy anti-aircraft machine gun, and Kontakt-5 ERA blocks

T-62 with 125 mm D-81T (2A26) gun systema and Zhelud autoloader, 1967, cancelled

T-62 with 125 mm KBA-3 tank gun of T-80UD, Ukraine

T-62 with GIAT 120 mm smoothbore gun

T-62-5TDF with 120 mm KBA-1 tank gun, Ukraine 2002

T-62 with 120 mm gun 2-46, Russia KTBM 2003

T-62 with 120 mm smoothbore tank gun M-393 L44 which is capable of firing Western one-piece 120 mm ammunition, 2006

T-62 with Taifun missile system, 1961-1963, cancelled

IT-1 (Object 150) tank destroyer without gun but with 9M66 (3M7/AT-5 Drakon) launcher instead, 1965/1968-1970, modified version put into very limited service

IT-1 tank destroyer with raised superstructure and Drakon missile system, not produced

Object 150T, turbine powered version of IT-1 with return roller chassis, 1964

IT-1 (Object 167) prototype with 3M7 Drakon ATGM, drawing stage only

IT-2 tank destroyer without gun and Drakon missile system on T-62 chassis, produced in quantities 1968-1970

IT-130 tank destroyer (SU-130) with 130 mm M-76T gun

T-62 with BMP-3 FCS and guided missile through barrel capacity, KBP 2000

T-62 with 9M12 OVOD missile system on turret rear, 1961

Object 167ML experimental version PTUR with 9M14 Malyutka /AT-3 SAGGER missile capability on turret rear, 1961-1965, 30

Object 167 with T-62 chassis, with triple 9M14 (AT-3 SAGGER), two 73 mm 2A28 guns on two small sub-turrets and different suspension and engine later used for T-64 and T-80

Object 619B, T-62 with PST-63 Plavsredstv amphibious device; trials 1963

T-62 recovery version without turret and gun (M 1977 ARV)

BTS-4V ARV with large snorkel, 100 converted IT-1, mid 1970s

Impulse-2 fire-fighting vehicle, prototype using T-62 chassis

Impulse-2M fire-fighting vehicle with 50-barrel rocket launcher using T-62 chassis, Ukraine, 10

Impulse-3M fire-fighting vehicle with multiple rocket launcher system, Ukraine

GTU-1A tractor salvage vehicle

KT-62 (KhTV-62) driver trainer, conversions 1988-1989

T-62 dozer vehicle with BTU-type dozer blade; Ukraine


Chinese T-62 copies:

WZ-122 prototype, PRC after 1969

WZ-122A San Ye, PRC 1970

WZ-122B with U-5TS gun (?)

WZ-122B San Ji, PRC 1971


North Korean T-62-type MBTs:

T-62 Model 1972 licence production with 12.7 mm DShKM

T-62 early model from Syria

Ch’onma-ho I – T-62 Model 1972

Ch’onma-ho II – T-62 with LASER rangefinder and additional turret armour

Ch’onma-ho III – T-62 with thermal sleeve and ERA

Ch’onma-ho IV – T-62 with additional armour protection and new engine

Ch’onma-ho V – T-62 with additional armour protection and smoke grenade dischargers

Ch’onma-ho VI – T-62 with stretched chassis

T-62 Zeichnungen Stefan Marx Tanks-Trucks-Armoured Vehicles-Engineer Equipment-Weapons-Arm
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