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Soviet & Russian Airborne Armour

1995 Russia BMD (Stefan Marx, Moscow)_1.jpg
1995 Russia BMD (Stefan Marx, Moscow)_2.jpg

BMD airborne assault vehicle (M-1970)

BMD-1 (Object 915) airborne combat vehicle with 73 mm Grom gun, 9M14M Malyutka (AT-3 Sagger) missile, since 1968/1973,

In service with Armenia, Belarus (97 in 2016), Cuba, India (?) and Iraq, Moldova (44 in 2016), Russia (1,632+ in 1990, 670 in 1998), Soviet Union

BMD-1 eraly version variant 1

BMD-1 variant 2

BMD-1 late version with smoke grenade dischargers at rear of the turret

BMD-1 with AT-3 SAGGER, in service only with Iraq

BMD-1K company command vehicle, 1971

BMD-1KSh (KSCH) Soroka (Object 926) battalion and regimental command vehicle (early version with clothline antenna) with R-130, R-123 and R-111

BMD-KShM command vehicle

BMD-1M since 1980 with 9P135 launcher for 9M111M Fagot (AT-4 Spigot) missile

BMD M 1979/3 (= BMD-KShM)

BMD-ODB with R-440 satellite communication system

BMD-1P with 9P135 launcher for AT-4 SPIGOT (9M111), 1977

BMD-1PK command vehicle

BMD-1V118 Reostat forward artillery observation post, forward air controller vehicle with PSNR-5 (1RL133 Tall Mike) battlefield surveillance radar

BMD-1V119 Spectr artillery fire direction centre for 2S9

BMD with Shmel-1 RPV

BMD M1981/1 with 30 mm cannon


BTR-D (Object 916, 925) Airborne armoured transporter without turret and with streched chassis, (other designation BMD-1D), series production since 1974, 827+ in 1992, 465+ in 1997 - In service with Belarus (9 in 2016), Moldova (9 in 2016), Russia, Soviet Union

+ command vehicle (BMD M 1979-1)

+ BTR-D turretless version with AGS-17 squad

+ BTR-D turretless version with Strela-2 squad

+ BTR-D with 2x14.5 mm ZU-23 gun towed or mounted (BTR-ZD)

+ BTR-2D with twin 23 mm ZU-23 towed or mounted (on rails)

+ BTR-DG with SU-23

+ BTR-D for ATM squads armed with AT-4/AT-5 Konkurs (BTR-RD Robot), 1979

+ BTR-D with 82 mm Vasikek mortar

BTR-D 120 mm 2A60 self-propelled howitzer / mortar SO-120 2S9 Anona (Anemone), (NONA-S), (Object 925), 1981/1984, in service with Afghanistan, Belarus (50 in 2016), Moldova (9 n 2016), Russia (536+ in 1992, 336 in 1998), Ukraine, Soviet Union since 1979

BTR-D 120 mm self-propelled mortar system 2S9-1 NONA-S

BTR-D (?) 120 mm self-propelled mortar system 2S9-1M NONA-S; 2006

BTR-SD for ATGM system Strela-S, without turret, 1984

BTR-D with Yak-061 Pchela UAV-system, since 1985

BTR-D with Stroy-PM (Type 478) light UAV system (modernized Yak-060 Pchela)

BTR-D with Shmel-1 (YAK-061) RPV system Sterkh-komplex, since 1983, in service with Russia, Syria (1992)

BTR-D 1B119 Reostat mobile reconnaissance and fire control system for artillery

BTR-D 1B119-1 Reostat mobile reconnaissance and fire control system for artillery


BREM-D (Object 932) armoured recovery vehicle, based on BTR-D, with small crane, 1984

BrehM-D repair and recovery vehicle

BMD-1 Self-propelled howitzer 122 mm Fialka (Object 924)

BMD 122 mm Multiple rocket system BM-21V, also Iraq


BMD-2 Airborne infantry fighting vehicle, prototype 1983 with 30 mm 2A42 cannon with higher elevation as later series vehicles

BMD M1988/1, first designation for series production BMD-2

BMD-2 (Object 916) with 30 mm 2A42 cannon and 9P135 launcher for AT-4/AT-5 missiles, first prototype 1985, series production 1989 - In service with Chad, Russia (522 in 1990, 267 in 1998), Ukraine (78 in 1997)

BMD-2 airborne assault transporter (BMD M 1988/1) without turret

BMD-2 mortar carrier 82 mm (Afghanistan)

BMD-2 Assault command vehicle with small AGS-17 turret

BMD-2 mortar/howitzer carrier 2S9 with 120 mm 2A60 gun, SO-120, Anona, in service with Russia, Ukraine

BMD-2K command version

BMD-2KSh command version (BMD-U), (BMD M-1973-3)


BMD-3 (Object 950) Dragon airborne combat vehicle with turret of BMP-2, ball-mounted AG-17, since 1990, in service with Russia (89 in 1997, 80 in 1998)

BMD-3 command/transporter version

BMD-3 modified hull with 2x155 mm guns Hermes (Germes), 1993 in development

BMD-3M with new fighting compartment

BMD-3 recovery vehicle

BWP (Polish designation for BMP)

BMD-3 SPRUT-D with 120 mm weapon

BMD-3 2S25 SPRUT-SD with 125 mm 2A75 smoothbore gun


BMD-4, with advanced AD-capabilities, proposal 2004, very few build

BMD-4M with 100 mm 2A70 rifled gun and applique armour, 2013, up to 1500 in 2015

+ with Kornet-D1 ATGM, 2019

BMD-4M with SPRUT-SDM1 (Object 925M) 125 mm light amphibious tank; 2020

BMD-4M with 2S42 Lotos amphibious air-droppable self-propelled mortar with 120 mm rifled gun-mortar; 2020


BTR-MD Rakushka tracked APC, 2500 in 2015

BTR-MDM Rakushka-M APC (BMD-4M chassis with revised hull)


BTR-MDM Barnaul-T AD C2 system; 2018

+ 9S931-3 (MP-D) planning module

+ 9S932-2 (MRU-D) intelligence and control module

BTR-MDM Zaved-D automated fire control complex; 2019


BMD-5 Airborne Assault Vehicle (AAV), 2017

BMMP naval infantry fighting vehicle with 57 mm Kinzhal turret, concept 2018

Some 2000 BMD (all versions) in 2016 in Russia

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