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Lithuanian Armed Forces

1998 Lithuania M (Stefan Marx)_3.jpg
1998 Lithuania M (Stefan Marx)_1.jpg
1998 Lithuania M (Stefan Marx)_4.jpg
1998 Lithuania M (Stefan Marx)_2.jpg
1994 Lithuania IFA W50 (Stefan Marx)_1.jpg
1998 Lithuania GAZ-66(Stefan Marx).jpg
Lithuania Unimog U 404 Stefan Marx.jpg
MB Lithuania Stefan Marx.jpg
2022-06 Lithuania OSTARA  Eurosatory Paris Stefan Marx_Panzer-LKW-gepanzerte Fahrzeuge-Pio

Lithuania Ostara Eurosatory 2022

Lithuania Eurosatory 2018

2024 Thales Zetros with Ground Master 200 radar.GIF

2024-01 Thales Ground Master 200 radar for Lithuania on MB Zetros

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