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1994 Zossen GAZ-66

1994 Zossen GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_14 Koffer.jpg

GAZ-62, 1-ton truck, predecessor of GAZ-66, 1957

GAZ-66 - 2.0 to, 4x4, since 1964, production until 1999

In service in Afghanistan, Angola, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Germany (Bw few after 1989), Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Latvia, Lithuania, Libya, Poland, Romania, Russia, Syria, PLO, Ukraine, UNITA and NVA

GAZ-66A with TPRS and winch

GAZ-66 with twin Igla-1E launcher 9M39, in service with Hungary only

GAZ-66B for airborne forces

GAZ-66E with shielded electrical system

GAZ-66EA, GAZ-66A with shielded electrical system, TPRS and winch

GAZ-66 military police

GAZ-66 military police, box body

GAZ-66 cargo truck, convoy escort vehicle

GAZ-66 with makeshift armour protection, Ukraine 2004 (Iraq)

GAZ-66-01 with TPRS

GAZ-66 KO                                                                                                                                           (also NVA)

GAZ-66-02 with closed cab, CTPRS and winch

GAZ-66-02 with crane,                                                                                                                         (also NVA)

GAZ-66 with holeboring machine BKGM-66-2

GAZ-66-03 with shielded electrical system

GAZ-66-04 with shielded electrical system and TPRS

GAZ-66-05 with shielded electrical system and TPRS and winch

GAZ-66 prime mover for mortar trailer

GAZ-66 bus box body conversion (Lithuania)

GAZ-66 with box body for mobile mess PKS-3M

GAZ-66 with box body for mobile mess PKS-125

GAZ-66 with box body for mobile mess PKS-150

GAZ-66 with box body for mobile mess PKS-250

GAZ-66 hospital station AP-2

GAZ-66 ambulance transport vehicle AS-66

GAZ-66 radio communication vehicle (Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia)

GAZ-66-05 2K21 set with 2B9 Vasiljek automatic mortar system, Poland 1984

GAZ-66-05 2F510 with 2S12 Sani (Sled) with 120 mm mortar 2B11 carried in portee fashion; 1981

In service with: Belarus (65 in 2021), (Bulgaria), Hungary (chassis?), Poland (16 in 2001), Russia (1,401+  in 1991, 1500 in 2021)

GAZ-66 with 122 mm MRL Grad-V, 1972

GAZ-66-05 with shielded electrical system, winch and crane

GAZ-66 with signals box body, Czechoslovakia

GAZ-66-05 battery-level command vehicle 9S445M for FROG                                                           (also NVA)

GAZ-66 command and control vehicle with weather radar Proba for Luna M missiles                         (also NVA)

GAZ-66 Battery command vehicle for SS-21

GAZ-66 Maintenance vehicle SS-21

GAZ-66 mobile instrumentation station KIP-U1 for strategic missiles, with K-66 van body

GAZ-66 (?) training vehicle                    9F616A                                                                                  (also NVA)

GAZ-66-05 Trainingsfahrzeug               9F618M                                                                                 (also NVA)

GAZ-66-05 T topographical vehicle,                                                                                                     (also NVA)

GAZ-66 topographical vehicle 1T12-2M for Smerch and S-300PMU-1

GAZ-66-05 Analysis station ZP-1                                                                                                        (also NVA)

GAZ-66-05 Analysis station ZP-2                                                                                                        (also NVA)

GAZ-66 army communication centrre

GAZ-66 Fernschreibzentrale                                                                                                                (also NVA)

GAZ-66-05             Fernschreibgerätesatz                           P-237

GAZ-66                  Fernschreibgerätesatz                           P-238T

GAZ-66-05             Fernsprechgerätesatz                            P-240T

GAZ-66-05             Fernschreibgerätesatz                           P-241T

GAZ-66 KO            Fernsprechschaltgerätesatz                   P-246

GAZ-66 KO            Fernsprech-Fernschreibgerätesatz        P-247 and P-247M

GAZ-66                  Kommando-Dispatcherstelle                  P-249

GAZ-66 Radio vehicle                                           R-118BM and R-118BM3

GAZ-66                                                                  R-124 combined transceiver, in service with Ukraine

GAZ-66                                                                  R-140                                     (also Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, NVA)

GAZ-66   Funkgerätesatz                                      R-142                                                     (also NVA)

GAZ-66                                                                 R-142NMR combined radio station, 2004

GAZ-66                                                                  R-381-D2 Peiler     TURN SPIKE          (also Bulgaria, NVA)

GAZ-66                                                                  R-381 D3 Peiler     TURN SPIKE          (also Bulgaria, NVA)

GAZ-66                                                                 R-382 D2

GAZ-66 Richtfunkgerätesatz                                 R-405 and R-405M                 (also NVA)

GAZ-66 Radio relay station                                   R-415-3A

GAZ-66 Radio vehicle                                           R-845M                                                  (also NVA)

GAZ-66 radio-locator vehicle (Estonia)

GAZ-66N with                                                       R-997-1 radio station

GAZ-66 with box body and antenna mast for air-ground communication (?), Czechoslovakia

GAZ-66 Fernschreib-und Fernsprechzentrale                                                                     (also NVA)

GAZ-66 Field Communication and Information System with SatCom terminal Brigade, Bulgaria

GAZ-66-05 artillery workshop with auxiliary crane on roof

GAZ-66-40 cargo truck 2.300 kg, 4x4, Russia 1997

GAZ-66-51 with CTPRS and tropical equipment

GAZ-66-52 with winch and tropical equipment

GAZ-66-54 with shielded electrical system and tropical equipment

GAZ-66-55 with shielded electrical system, winch and tropical equipment

GAZ-66-71 with CTPRS

GAZ-66-72 with winch

GAZ-66-74 with shielded electrical system

GAZ-66-75 (combined -71 and -74 versions)

GAZ-66 artillery fire direction centre 1V110 (1V13M)

GAZ-66 test and control station                             9W719 for 1S32                                     (also NVA)

GAZ-66 K test and control station                         9W25M                                                  (also NVA)

GAZ-66 test and control station                             9W838                                                   (also NVA)

GAZ-66 test and control station                             9W839 for complex 9K35M                   (also NVA)

GAZ-66 test and control station                             9W847 for complex 9K35M

GAZ-66 test and control station                             9V866 with PKP set for Igla SAM

GAZ-66 Control and maintenance station             9W915 for complex 9K35 (SA-13),        (also NVA)

GAZ-66 (?) Control and maintenance station        9V915M-1 for complex 9K35 (SA-13)

GAZ-66 automatic mobile test station                   9B921 (9V921) for 2S6 with K66 body

GAZ-66 automated mobile test station                  9B921M for 2S6M1

GAZ-66 (?) automatic mobile test station              9V921-M for 2S6 Tunguska-M1

GAZ-66 maintenance vehicle for SA-13/GOPHER

GAZ-66 test and maintenance vehicle SO1MO2-1 for missile systems 9K116, 9K116-1, 9K119, 9K120

GAZ-66 electrical installation instrument test vehicle

GAZ-66 support vehicle for VECTOR-2VE

GAZ-66 support vehicle for SENEZH-ME

GAZ-66 K Funktechnische Kontroll-und Aufklärungsstation SRKR-2                                  (also NVA)

GAZ-66 K Funktechnische Aufklärungsstation RPS-6 (1RL234)                                         (also NVA)

GAZ-66 Meteorologische Funkmeßstation SchKWAL-1                                                      (also NVA)

GAZ-66 battalion communication centre

GAZ-66 brigade communication centre

GAZ-66 teleprinting centre,                                                                                                  in service with NVA

GAZ-66 UKW-Funkpeiler ARP-6                                                                                          (also NVA)

GAZ-66 automatischer UKW-Funkpeiler ARP-6D                                                                Poland

GAZ-66 Automatischer Funkpeiler ARP-11 and ARP-11M                                                  (also NVA)

GAZ-66 RPS-6 Elo-Aufklärung                                                                                            (also Bulgaria, NVA)

GAZ-66 B-241 Eloka-Fahrzeug                                                                                           (also NVA)

GAZ-66 Funktechnische Aufklärungsstation1RL-234 (RPS-6) intercept and direction finding vehicle TWIN BOX (also NVA)

GAZ-66 direction finding station                                            TURN TWIST with antenna GRILL TWIST

GAZ-66 VHF direction finding station                                   TURN SPIKE

GAZ-66 HF direction finding station                                      TURN CUT

GAZ-66 HF antenna station                                                  TURN POLE

GAZ-66 with auxiliary equipment for MRK-1 complex, in service with Poland

GAZ-66 with two gazoline generators AB-8T/230/Cz-400-M1, in service with Poland

GAZ-66 Nachrichtenspezialwerkstatt                                                                                   (also NVA)

GAZ-66 Workshop M3M2 with versions 1970, 1976, 1982                                                   (also NVA)

GAZ-66 with laboratory PLG-2

GAZ-66 air power starting device (Lithuanian AF)

GAZ-66 mit Ganzmetallkofferaufbau                                                                                   (also NVA)

GAZ-66 Schallmeßkomplex 1B 19M                                                                                    (also NVA)

GAZ-66T site surveying vehicle for FROG                                                                           (also NVA)

GAZ-66 ground control station with trailer for Osa RPV system, 2004

GAZ-66 ground control station for Stroy PD reconnaissance system, 2004

GAZ-66 launcher vehicle for Pchela-1K UAV of Stroy PD reconnaissance system


GAZ-66T survey vehicle for S-300PMU missile system

GAZ-66T survey vehicle 1T12-2M for S-300PMU

GAZ-66T survey vehicle 1T12-2M-2 for S-300PMU2 missile system

GAZ-66 command vehicle for SCUD-B

GAZ-66 for transport of Zhavoronok-2 (Lark) UAV-system

GAZ-66 aeroplane fuel tanker (Lithuania)

GAZ-66 tank apparatus for missile komplexes Dwina and Wolchov

GAZ-66 refueling station 5L22A

GAZ-66 refueling station 5L62A

GAZ-66 1700 ltr. water tanker AVTs-1.7

GAZ-66 fuel tanker for airborne troops

GAZ-66 motor oil supply vehicle (Öltankwagen) MZ-66                                                       (also NVA)

GAZ-66 water / fuel tanker vehicle

GAZ-66 water tanker 1700 Ltr. AWZ-1,7-66                                                                        (also NVA)

GAZ-66 Auftankanlage 5 L 22A                                                                                            (also NVA)

GAZ-66 Auftankanlage 5 L 62A                                                                                            (also NVA)

GAZ-66-14 Fuel servicing truck TZ-2-66D

GAZ-66 aircraft carrier flight deck support vehicle, Russian navy

GAZ-66 decontamination vehicle DDA-53C

GAZ-66 decontamination vehicle DDA-66

GAZ-66 chemical field laboratory PKhL-1

GAZ-66 smoke generating vehicle


GAZ-66B (4x4) 122 mm Multiple rocket system BM-21-V (Grad-V, M-1975), with 12-round 122 mm launcher, 1969;

In service with Iraq, Russia


GAZ-66 with 81 mm Multiple rocket system, in service with Iraq only

GAZ-66 with box body, Explosive disposal team (Lithuania)

GAZ-66 mobile test station for aircraft engines KAPSO                                                       (also NVA)

GAZ-66 well drilling apparatus BKGM-66-3                                                                         (also NVA)

GAZ-66P tractor truck (not produced)

1991 Riga GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_3.jpg

1991 Riga GAZ-66

1993 Vilnius GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx).jpg

1993 Vilnius GAZ-66

1994 Zossen GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_17 Wachbegleitfahrzeug.jpg
1994 Zossen GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_18.jpg
1991 Riga GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_2.jpg
1994 Zossen GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_16 Fahrschule.jpg

1994 Zossen GAZ-66

1994 Zossen GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_17 MP.jpg

1994 Zossen GAZ-66

1995 Moscow GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_2.jpg

1995 Moscow GAZ-66

1995 Moscow GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx).jpg
1991 Riga GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_4 vor dem Parlament.jpg

1991 Riga GAZ-66 vor dem Parlament

1994 Zossen GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_14 Koffer.jpg

1994 Zossen GAZ-66

1994 Dobele GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_1.jpg

1994 Dobele GAZ-66

1994 Dobele GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_3.jpg

1994 Dobele GAZ-66

1994 Tallinn GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_1.jpg

1994 Tallinn GAZ-66

1994 Zossen GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_10 Koffer.jpg
1994 Zossen GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_12 Koffer.jpg

1994 Zossen GAZ-66

1994 Berlin GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)  Koffer.jpg

1994 Berlin GAZ-66

1991 Dresden GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_2 Koffer.jpg

1991 Dresden GAZ-66

1991 Dresden GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_3 Koffer.jpg
1994 Dobele GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_2.jpg

1994 Dobele GAZ-66

1994 Lilaste GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)  Koffer.jpg

1994 Lilaste GAZ-66

1994 Tallinn GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_2 VAI.jpg

1994 Tallinn GAZ-66

1994 Zossen GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_11 Koffer.jpg

1994 Zossen GAZ-66

1994 Zossen GAZ-66 (Stefan Marx)_13 Koffer.jpg
GAZ-66 Koffer Zeichnung.jpg
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