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BTR-49 (8x8) prototype for BTR-60, 1959


A GAZ-62 (8x8) truck was used to test the chassis and suspension of the later BTR-60.

BTR-60 (Project 49) 8x8 with open roof, since 1958, in service with Poland

+ 25,000 vehicles produced, all versions

BTR-60 command vehicle AVS

BTR-60 artillery battery observation post BBS                                                                                     (also NVA)

BTR-60 Model 1960 armoured transporter with unarmoured roof

BTR-60LBGS, field telephone cable laying vehicle

BTR-60LBGS (B), 1982

BTR-60 MEP armoured transporter for escort duties with TKB-0149 turret with 7.62 mm Mg

BTR-60MS radio vehicle with telescopic antenna HIGH BALL

BTR-60BD with single YaMZ-236M2 Diesel engine, 2002

BTR-60BD based PU-12 with frame antenna, 2002

BTR-60C, Bulgaria (20 in 2016)

BTR-60P (8x8) Armoured personnel carrier with open roof (project 62B, GAS-49), series production 1959 - 1963

In service with Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Congo, Cuba, Ethiopia, India, Laos, Libya, Mongolia, Nicaragua (31 in 2016), North Korea, PRC, Romania, Soviet Union, Vietnam, Yemen, Zaire, Zambia

+ with 7.62 mm machine gun SGMB, 1960-1963

+ with 12.7 mm mm machine gun DChK, 1960-1963

+ plus elevees ?, 1960-1963

+ with mains-courantes devant les phares, 1960-1963

BTR-60P command post vehicle with large atennas

BTR-60P maintenance assistance vehicle with raised tarpaulin cover

BTR-60P Polish internal security forces

BTR-60PA Model 1963, (8x8) with armoured roof (GAS-49A), since 1963, in production until 1966, based on GAZ-49A, in service with Finland (1), Soviet Union,                                                                                                        (also NVA)

BTR-60PA command post with telescopic mast and rail-type antenna

BTR-60PA Command TACP for SAM-regiments (SA-6)

BTR-60PAI with smaller improvements concerning engine and transmission, predecessor of BTR-60PB, 1965

BTR-60PA-1 with closed roof, since 1963,                                                                                          (also Finalnd, NVA)

+ with 12.7 mm DChK , 1965

+ with mains-courantes devant les phares, 1965

BTR-60 with 23 mm AA-gun system (Cuba)

BTR-60P with 30 mm AA-gun system M53 (Cuba)

BTR-60PAU artillery communication vehicle (Bulgaria)

BTR-60A1AU command vehicle without turret and with four whip antennas farther forward, 1965

+ with generator set and with only one whip antenna, 1965

+ with range-finder, 1965

BTR-60 PB Model 1966 (8x8) armoured transporter with 14.5 mm Mg in turret (GAS-49B), series production from 1965 to 1976, based on GAZ-49B

In service with: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Botswana, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Congo (Republic) (28 in 2016), Cuba, Djibouti (10 in 2016), Egypt, Eritrea (some 100 in 2016), Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland (110 in 1999), Grenada, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Hungary, India, Iran (600 in 1980, 100 in 1988 from Libya, 50 in 1988 from Bulgaria), Iraq (200 in 1980), Israel, Kazakhstan, Lithuania (25 in 2002), Laos, Libya, Mexico (1998), Nicaragua (12 in 1981, + 80 in 1990), North-Korea, Mali, Moldova (10 in 2016), Mongolia, Mozambique (80 in 2016), Nicaragua, North Korea, Peru (12 in 1992 from Nicaragua), Romania, Somalia, Soviet Union, Syria, Transnistria, Turkey (1995), Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Vietnam, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Zambia, Zimbabwe (30 in 2019)  and NVA,

Czechoslovakia and Poland use special versions only.

BTR-60PB, production period 1969-1972

BTR-60PB, production period 1972-1979

BTR-60PB, production period 1975, prototype

BTR-60PB, production period 1985

BTR-60PB, production period 1970-1977, with modified antenna arrangement

BTR-60PBM with KamAZ-7403 diesel engine, 2004

BTR-60PB upgrade with MB2 tuuret armed with 30 mm 2A42 cannon and 7.62 mm PKTM MG, 30 mm AG-17, YaMZ-236A diesel engine, Muromteplovoz company 2006

BTR-60PK with armoured roof                                                                                                                   (also NVA)

BTR-60PB with 2 portable SA-7 launchers attached to crew                                                               (also NVA)

BTR-60PB with AGS-17 30 mm grenade launcher instead of KPVT MG, 1985 in Afghanistan

BTR-60P3 with new turret for higher elevation of 14.5 mm KPVT MG, 1972

BTR-60MEP escort vehicle with TKB-0149 turret with 7.62 mm MG

BTR-60NBZ, 1982

BTR-60PB with BPU-1 turret machine gun mount of BTR-80, Diesel engine, upgrade by Arzamas 2003

BTR-60PBK command vehicle, only additional whip antennas

BTR-60PB with mounted 120 mm on place of turret, Romania 1965

BTR-60 with single diesel engine, Romania 2003

BTR-60 with Panhard AML-90 turret, Ethiopia, Djibouti 1980

BTR-60 logistic vehicle for SA-8 reload rounds

BTR-60PZ = BTR-60PB with small improvements, 1972 prototype

BTR-60PB Politsia; Lithuania 1993

BTR-60 Automated command post 9S482 und 9S482M (Version of PU-12)                                     (also NVA)

+ automated command post 9S482M4

+ automated command post 9S482M6

+ automated command post 9S482M7 (7)

BTR-60PB artillery observation post ABS                                                                                                (also NVA)

BTR-60PB command vehicle; Czechoslovakia 1972

BTR-60PBOu command vehicle with turret and one antenna, 1965

BTR-60PBOu command vehicle with turret and two antennas, 1965

BTR-60PBOu command vehicle with turret and three antennas, 1965

BTR-60PBOu command vehicle with turret and four antennas, 1965

BTR-60PBOu command vehicle without turret and two antennas, 1965

BTR-60PBOu command vehicle without turret and four antennas, 1965

BTR-60PBOu command vehicle without turret and range-finder, 1965

BTR-60PBOu artillery command vehicle with turret and range-finder, 1972

BTR-60PBOu command vehicle with turret for amphibious operations, 1972

BTR-60PBOu command vehicle with small turret, 1970

BTR-60 P-137B with large telescopic mast

BTR-60 P-140BM with large whip antennas

BTR-60PB SAS-Fernsprechstelle P-238BT, 1972                                                                                 (also NVA)

BTR-60 SAS Fernsprechstelle P-238T, armoured field switchboard                                                (also NVA)

BTR-60 P-239BT, field telephone communicatiuons vehicle

BTR-60 P-240T radio/wire integration switchboard

BTR-60 PB SAS-Fernsprechstelle P-240BT, 1982                                                                                (also NVA)

BTR-60 P-241BT field telephone communications vehicle

BTR-60 P-241T field telephone system

BTR-60 Arttillery observation post with R 123 und R 107/R 108                                                       (also NVA)

BTR-60 R-135BM with telescopic mast and frame antenna

BTR-60 turreted armoured communication system R 137B without 14.5 mm HMG, 1982           (also NVA)

BTR-60 turreted armoured C3 system R-140BM without 14.5 mm HMG, 1982                               (also NVA)

BTR-60PB R-145 without turret (Bulgaria)

BTR-60 R-145 AKL-I, without turret and one large antenna (Teleskopmast), 1982

BTR-60 R-145 AKL-II, without turret and one large antenna and frame antenna, 1982

BTR-60 R-145BM, 1982

BTR-60 R-145BM(L), 1982

BTR-60 R-145BM(L) with diesel engine IaMZ-236, 1982

BTR-60 R-145BM/L2, 1985

BTR-60-R-156B armoured C3 system with one large antenna (Teleskopmast) and one single small inverted „U“ clothline antenna in the mid of the roof, 1982

BTR-60 R-161B HF radio communication vehicle

BTR-60 Richtfunkstelle, turretless radio relay station R 409BM, 1982                                              (also NVA)

BTR-60 R-975, turreted forward air control vehicle, 1982

BTR-60 R-975MI, turretless forward air controller vehicle

BTR-60PU = BTR-60POu

BTR-60PU with raised tarpaulin cover, command vehicle, 1962

+ different variants of whip antenna configuration and tarpaulin cover

BTR-60PU turretless command vehicle R-145BM with clothes-line antenna and Hawk Eye antenna, (also Azerbaijan, Iraq, NVA)

BTR-60PB air defence command post vehicle PU-12 (POu-12) with one antenna, 1982

In service with Bosnia (1 in 2016), Bulgaria, Czechoslowakia, Estonia, Hungary, Iraq, Yugoslavia and NVA


BTR-60PU-12 prototype vehicle for BTR-60PU, without turret, new engine, 2004

BTR-60PU (D) with YaMZ-236 diesel engine, 2004

BTR-60PU with radio equipment, 1962, in service with Hungary

BTR-60PU command vehicle with raised superstructure

BTR-60PU command version for ZSU-23-4 units with turret

BTR-60PU forward air control version with turret

BTR-60PUM with R-145BM, 1995, in service with Finland

BTR-60-E-351BR armoured generator system

BTR-60PB mit zusätzlichem Kabeltrommelsatz                                                                                  (also NVA)

BTR-60PBK company commander vehicle with R-145BM, 1980, in service with Finland (3)

+ similar version also for Finland 1985

BTR-60PM-53 air defence vehicle with Czech M-53 30 mm, 1960

BTR-60KSh battalion command vehicle and company command vehicle

BTR-60 PW(S) command post                                                                                                                 (also NVA)

BTR-60PB Artillery command and reconnaissance system 1V17(M 1979) with: 1972

+ BTR-60PB 1V18 „Klen-1“artillery battery command observation post vehicle, 1972

+ BTR-60PB 1V18-1 modernised version, 1972

+ BTR-60PB 1V19 „Klen-2“artillery battalion  command observation post and fire direction centre vehicle, 1972

+ BTR-60PB 1V19-1 modernised version, 1972

+ BTR-60PB 1V110

+ BTR-60PB 1V111

BTR-60VVS air force command post vehicle, forward air controller with telescoping TOP BALL antenna

SPW-60 Führungsfahrzeug zur Führung des Einsatzes von Kampfhubschrauibern                     (also NVA)

BTR-60 Z-351BR power generator vehicle

BTR-60P maintenanve assistance vehicle MTR-2 (?) with raised tarpaulin cover

BTR-60PB ZUR 9M31 (SA-9 GASKIN) preproduction weapon system

BTR-60PB 9M31M SA-9 GASKIN preproduction vehicle

SPW-60PB mit Großlautsprecheranlage, wenige Fahrzeuge                                                              (also NVA)

SPW-60PB mit abwerfbaren Lautsprechern am Turm, Versuche                                                      (only NVA)

BTR-60 with AML-90 turret, Djibouti, 1999

BTR-60D APC with frame-antenna for communication and control faciliteis of motorized rifle and artillery units, 2004

BTR-60M with OuTD-20 turret, Ukraine 2002

BTR-60PB ATM accident and breakdown vehicle

BTR-60PB ATM-2 Nematch disaster relief vehicle with small platform on roof, 1991

BTR-60PB ATM-2 Nematch disaster relief vehicle with large platform on roof, 1993 ptototype

BTR-60P MTP-2 turretless maintenance vehicle with auxiliary crane at the front, 1991

BTR-60P MTP-2B technical assistance vehicle

Irtysh salvage and transport vehicle

BTR-60BP-MD, Bulgaria 2007

TAB-71 turretless BTR-60P vehicle, Romania, 1970 - In service with Moldova (80 in 2016)

TAB-71M (TAB-72), BTR-60PB version, Romania, 1,878 vehicles 1990

+ TAB-71A-R1450 command version, 1965

+ TAB-71A-R1451 command version, 1965

+ TAB-71A-R1452 command version, 1965

+ TAB-71AR (TAB-73) 82 mm mortar carrier

+ TERA-71 maintenance version, 1965

+ TERA-71L recovery vehicle

OT-64 SKOT (8x8) Medium Wheeled Armoured Transporter, prototype 1961, production until 1990, in service with Cambodia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Sudan (35 in 2016), Uruguay; 10,300 vehicles

BTR-60 chassis 9A34M3-K with vertical sides fire unit for 9K35M-3K Kolchan AD system (SA-13 Gopfer), Russia 2007

BTR-60 chassis 9A35M3-K command vehicle 9K35M-3K Kolchan AD system (SA-13 Gopfer), Russia 2007

BTR-60 NBC reconnaissance vehicle; Iran 2018


BTR-61B, Adcom Trading 2001


BTR-70 Armoured transporter (Object 50 or GAZ-50) with BMP-1 turret with 73 mm 2A28 gun and 9M14 AT-3 SAGGER, 1971

BTR-70 (8x8) Armoured transporter (Object 60, GAS-4905, GAZ-4905) with 14.5 mm machine-gun turret, 1972, manufacture 1978-1982

In service with: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus (327 in 2016), Bosnia (3 in 2002, 3 in 2016), Croatia (few in 2002), Estonia, Georgia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Macedonia (60, 58 in 2016), Mexico (1998), Moldova (3 in 2016), Mongolia, Nepal (35 in 2016), Nicaragua (Russian surplus in 2016), Pakistan (120 in 1999-2016), Romania, Soviet Union, Transnistria, Turkmenistan, Ukraine (800 in 2009), UNPROFOR, Uzbekistan, and NVA

BTR-70 (sabords), 1978-1986

BTR-70 (protection des phares, protected driving lights), 1986

BTR-70 with appique armour

BTR-70 modified for service with MVD troops, 1986

BTR-70 Sanitarnyi OON ambulance without armament, 1994, in service with Ukraine

BTR-70 with BPU-1 turret machine gun mount of BTR-80, upgrade by Arzamas 2003

BTR-70 (BTR-702i) upgrade with 30 mm cannon and 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun PKT in one-man turret, Ukraine 2001

+ INGUL M3 modular fighting system with/without

++ Barrier ATGM, IVECO Euro III diesel, add-on-armour, Zaslon, Nozh, TPRS, 2009

BTR-70 with external automatic cannon and large drum, Malyshev Plant, Ukraine 2004

BTR-7, Ukrainian designation for new configuration, also known as BTR-70 Defender

BTR-70 with additional AG-17 on turret roof, Afghanistan 1985

BTR-70 with AGS-17 instead of KPVT MG, 1971

BTR-70 (23 mm), Armenia (2016)

BTR-70 with 30 mm KBA-2 cannon and diesel engine, longer chassis, Ukraine 1999

BTR-70 with 30 mm 2A72 cannon and diesel engine, longer chassis, Ukraine 1999

BTR-70 Grom with 30 mm turret ZTM-2, four ATGMs in turret, Ukraine 2002

BTR-70 with 30 mm 2A72 cannon in BPPU turret, Diesel engine, Arzamas upgrade 2003

BTR-70 (8x8) Shareef-3 APC with BMP-1 turret, Sudan 2019

BTR-70 Kobra-K turret, Belarus 2002

BTR-70 with 85 mm 2S14 Zhalo gun

BTR-70 Jalo-S (2S14) with long-barrel 85 mm anti-tank gun 2A62, prototype 1975

BTR-70 witzh additional UB-32-57 aircraft rocket launcher, used in Afghanistan

BTR-70 with turret-mounted 120 mm mortar system, prototype for 2S23 Nona-SVK, 1985

BTR-70BD with single IaMZ-236 Diesel engine like BTR-60BD, 2000

BTR-70D with YaMZ-236A diesel engine with BPU-1 turret from BTR-80 with 14.5mm KPVT and 7.62mm PKT-M MGs, 2004

BTR-70D with YaMZ-236A diesel engine with BPPU turret from BTR-80A with 30mm 2A72 and 7.62mm PKT-M MGs, 2004

BTR-70 with standard one-person turret retained addd by a bank of 8 mm smoke grenade dischargers, UTD-20 V6 diesel engine, new ejector-typeexhaust system, Ukraine 2005

BTR-70 command vehicles: 1986

+ with additional antenna

+ with two additional antennas

+ with two additional antennas (BTR-70, NVA), 1986

+ with modifications (BTR-70MS, NVA), 1986

BTR-70K/SPW-70K Zugführerfahrzeuge, 1986                                                                                 (also NVA)

SPW-70(S) Stabschef des MSB mit HTM-10                                                                                       (also NVA)

SPW-70(SL) Stellvertreter des Stabschefs als Fliegerleitoffizier für den Einsatz von Kampfhubschraubern und die Verbindung zu den Armee-Fleigerkräften mit Funkgerät R 809M2                                                                 (also NVA)

SPW-70RKh (SPW-70Ch) mit Fähnchenschießgerät, navigationsanlage, Nebelgranat-Verschußanlage, NVA 1 Fahrzeug, 1989

SPW-70W mit neuem Turm, vertikaler Schwenkbereich bis  +60°, 619 Stück NVA einschließlich 139 für das MdI, 1987-1990

BTR-70Kh NBC-reconnaissance vehicle

BTR-70KSh command vehicle

BTR-70KShM command staff vehicle

BTR-70M 1986/1 with BTR-80 turret

BTR-70M with BPU-1 turret from BTR-80 with 14.5mm KPVT and 7.62mm PKT-M MGs, KamAZ-7403 diesel engine, 2004

BTR-70M with BPPU turret from BTR-80A with 30mm 2A72 and 7.62mm PKT-M MGs, KamAZ-7403 diesel engine, 2004

BTR-70MB1 upgrade; Belarus 2019

BTR-70MEP escort vehicle with TKB-0149 turret with 7.62 mm MG, 1980

BTR-70MS signal vehicle without turret

BTR-70RKh chemical scout vehicle                                                                                                      (also NVA)

BTR-70 SPR-2 Rtut-B Artillery radio proximity fuse jamming station, 2004

BTR-70 artillery fire control and target acquisition radar vehicle CREDO-1S (Kredo-1S), 1997

BTR-70V with modified turret, 1986

BTR-70 prototype with enlarged side doors, such as seen later on BTR-80

BTR-72 or BTR-74, a proposed new family of (6x6) wheeled scout vehicles in the end of 1970s. Variants were considered to include turretless armoured ambulance, radar surveillance vehicle and AT-missile launcher.

BREM repair and recovery vehicle

BTR-70 repair and recovery vehicle with crane, Ukraine 2002

BTR-70 (8x8) Varan APC, Ukraine 2018

TAB-72 mdodified BTR-60, Romania 1965

TAB-77, Romanian version of BTR-70 with Sagger capability, 1977, 154 vehicles

TAB-77 PCMOA artillery command post, 1977

TAB-77A R1 451/M command vehicle, 1977

TAB-77 POMA artillery observation post, 1977

TERA-77L maintenance/repair vehicle, 1977

TAB-79A (4x4) PCMOA artillery observation post, 1977

TAB-79R (4x4) POMA 82 mm mortar carrier, 1985

TAB-79AR(4x4)  82 mm mortar carrier

TAB-79R (4x4) air defence vehicle, 1985

TAB RCH-84 (RKh-84) (4x4) CBR scout vehicle, 1985

TAB-C, (4x4) version of TAB-77

TABC-79 (4x4) with SA-9

TCG-80 engineer vehicle based on TAB-79 (4x4), 1985

AM-425 armoured troop transport with 14.7 mm MG in small turret, based on TAB-79 (4x4), 1985

B33 Zimbru (8x8) armoured troop transport (6x6) and diesel engine, 2003


BTR-80 Armoured personnel carrier (GAZ-5903), (8x8), prototype 1982, 1984, series production since 1986

In service with Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh (108 in 2016, 300 BTR-80/82 are on order from Russia in 2016), Belarus (191 in 2016), Burundi (10 from Russia), Djibouti (8 in 2016), Ethiopia, Finland (2 in 1980), Georgia, Hungary (555 in 2000), Indonesia (14 in 2016), Iraq (66 from Hungary in 2008, 155 Special Police in 2016), Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Macedonia (12 in 2016), Moldavia (20, 18 in 2016), Mongolia, Romania (1990, Zimbru), Sierra Leone, Slovakia, Soviet Union, Sri Lanka, Sudan (30 in 2016), Turkey (170), Turkmenistan, Ukraine (16+), Uzbekistan, Venezuela (237 in 2011, 114+ in 2016)

BTR-80 Model 1, 1984

BTR-80 Model 2, blindage a l’avant du pot d’echappement, 1986

BTR-80 Model 3, avec mainscourantes avant allongees, 1988

BTR-80 Model 4, avant gauche modifie et butoirs carres, 1989

BTR-80 Model 5, with IaMZ-238M2 engine, 1984 (Since 1993 with JaMS-238M2 engine)

BTR-80 Model 5 FSB, with reactive armour for special forces of FSB, 1997

BTR-80 Model 6, avec’ toit surblinde, 1997

BTR-80 Zimbru, Romania 1990:

+ avec deux antennes a l’arriere et nouvelles jantes, 1990

+ with 14.5 mm MG in small turret, 2000

BTR-80 with add-on armour package

BTR-80 mit Gitter-Panzerung, 2004

BTR-80 with 14.5 mm KPVT machine gun in 6S21 RWS, 2015

BTR-80A with 30 mm 2A42 (2A72) cannon on modular turret, „Bujnost“ (der Tolle), prototype 1993

In service with: Belarus, Russia, Sudan (30 from Belarus in 2000)

BTR-80A series production, 1994

BTR-80A, 1997 - In service with Hungary

BTR-80AM – In service with Hungary

BTR-80AMS - In service Hungary

BTR-80 with TKB-799 KLIVER-turret (Kluiver), 30 mm automatic cannon and Kornet ATGM on modular turret, prototype 1997

BTR-80 with 30 mm automatic cannon, 1998

BTR-80 with 30 mm automatic cannon and AGS-17 armoured grenade launcher and 2 Konkurs missiles on turret (Ukrainian BMP-1 upgraded turret), Ukraine 1999

BTR-80A (8x8) Shareef-1 with two-person turret armed with 30 mm 2A42 cannon, Sudan

BTR-80 with 57 mm self-propelled artillery gun mount, Ukraine 1999

BTR-80 with Cummins-engine and ZF-gearbox

BTR-80 APC with 14.5 KPVT RCWS and SVN-2 observation suite, Uralvagonzavod 2015

BTR-80 (GAZ-59032) enlarged command post vehicle

BTR-80 command vehicle with A-frame antenna on bow, 1991

BTR-80 command vehicle with two short frame antennas behind turret, 1991

BTR-80AK command vehicle with two antennas, 1995

BTR-80K with 14.5 mm turret, battalion commander‘s vehicle with telescopic mast, 1991

BTR-80KSh command version based on GAZ-53032 chassis with enlarged superstructure

BTR-80M 1989/1 command vehicle with frame antenna, 1991 - In service with Hungary

BTR-80 artillery fire control and target acquisition radar vehicle CREDO-1S (Kredo-1S), prototype 1997

BTR-80 PU-12M  (POu-12) 9S482M6 air defence command post vehicle for battery commander, based on GAZ-59032 chassis, 1995

BTR-80 PU-12M6 air defence command post vehicle with digital data transmission and reception capability, 1992

BTR-80 PU-12M7, 1992

BTR-80 P-240BTZ Zenit B, 1995

BTR-80RKhM-4 NBC-reconnaissance vehicle (RCHM-4), 1993

BTR-80RKhM-4-01 NBC reconnaissance vehicle

BTR-80PKhM-4-01 NBC reconnaissance vehicle

BTR-80 NBC reconnaissance vehicle with RXM-6 detection system, 2016

BTR-80 Agitpounkt with loudspeaker on turret, 1988

BTR-80 with 2 antennas, one on top of turret and one on single pole at the right rear, coy. CARI, Ukraine, proposal 1998

BTR-80S = BTR-80A with 14.5 mm KPVT machine gun and 7.62 mm PKT co-axial machine gun, 1993

BTR-80UM with 2x23 mm one-man turret, Ukraine

BTR-80 UNSh based on GAZ-59037 chassis:

BTR-80 Kapustnik-B complex for automated fire control of battalion/battery of artillery units 1V152

BTR-80 Kapustnik-BM complex for automated fire control of battalion/battery of artillery units

BTR-80 KShM Command staff armoured vehicle R-149BMR „KUSHETKA-B“ (Koucgetka-B) PNKP with heightened superstructure, based on GAZ-59032 chassis, for OBAK battery automated fire-control system, 1995,

In service with Russia 1993, Ukraine, Estonia (20 without special equipment, machine gun only 1992-2007)

BTR-80 with heightened superstructure UNSh chassis, in service with Estonia, 20

BTR-80 KShM P-240BTZ „Zenit-B“

BTR-80 K1Sh1 with short-wave radio set R-165B for operational tactical control link, Russia 1997

BTR-80 P-166-0,5 radio station

BTR-80 R-166

BTR-80 KShM 1V118 command observation vehicle for artillery units, 1992

BTR-80 UNSh unified command observation post 1V152 for Automated Fire Control System (MRL)

BTR-80 UNSh 9S482M6

BTR-80 with heigtened superstructure and FARA-1 portable ground surveillance radar

BTR-80 P-149MA1 command post

BTR-80 SPR-2M Mercury (Ruth-BM) jammer

BTR-80 RB-531B Infauna EW system

BTR-80 with raised superstructure and SatComSys antenna complex

120 mm 2A60 self-propelled gun/mortar system 2S23 NONA-SVK, 1991 - In service with: Azerbaijan (18 in 2016), PRC, Russia (1989, 2 in 1997), Venezuela (16 in 2016)

GAZ-5903 (Object 60)

GAZ-59032 OuNCh, without turret armament, raised superstructure, prototype 1992

GAZ-59032 SSS communication vehicle with dish antenna, 1992

GAZ-59033 BREM-K or BREM-80 armoured recovery vehicle with A-frame, prototype 1982

GAZ-59033 BREM-K armoured recovery vehicle with A-frame 1988/1991

GAS-59032 civilian transport version

GAS-59037 with fully enclosed heated soft cabin and load platform, 1992

GAZ-59037A civilian unarmoured version without turret and telescopic mast BAKM-890, 1992

GAZ-59037 logging vehicle ML-102

GAZ-59037 Wetluga (Vetlouga) fire-fighting vehicle with multiple rocket launcher, 5 to, 1994

GAZ-59038 (BS-1801-MS) with hydraulically operated scissor arm with platform, 1993


BTR-80 UNSh, based on GAZ-59039 chassis (K1 Sh 1): 1992

+ BTR-80 UNSh-10 chassis with cupola installed

+ BTR-80 UNSh-12 chassis without cupola installed

BTR-80 UNSh medical evacuation vehicle BMM-1, BMM-80

BTR-80 UNSh battalion medical station BMM-2

BTR-80 UNSh mobile dressing station BMM-3

BTR-xx Pyrmeter (Dead Hand)

GAZ-5903V VETULGA with fire fighting multi-barrel projector, 1994

GAZ-5923SH trials vehicle for new APC, Arzamas 2011

BTR-70/80 Cobra-K upgrade with 30 mm cannon and 9P135M ATGM, coy. Metapol 2001

GAZ-5603J (8x8) technical assistance vehicle with railway wheel attachments and elevatable platform, 1992

+ 1994

+ 1996

+ medical evacuation vehicle, 1996

ZIMBRU 2000 APC with OWS 25R, Romania

+ with two MG in turret

SAUR 1 (8x8) APC, 2008


GAZ-59401 armoured personnel carrier convertd into medical evacuation vehicle with large angular exhaust arrangement integrated into the superstructure, 1997

GAZ-59401 technical assistance vehicle with scissor platform, prototype 1997

GAZ-59402 fire fighting vehicle with four foam projectors at roof and railway wheel attachments, 1998


BTR-82 (8x8) AFV with 14.5 mm KPVT, Russia 2011, only few were procred by Russian Army; also Kazakhstan (12 in 2016)

BTR-82A (8x8) with 30 mm 2A72, Arzamas 2011 - In service with Belarus (32+ in 2016), +20 for Russia in 2016

BTR-82A (8x8) with PTK command vehicle, Kazakhstan 2012

BTR-82AM, modernised version, 2017



BTR-90 (Object 51 or GAZ-5923) Rostok (8x8) armoured transporter with BMP-2 turret and 9K111-1 Konkurs AT-system, 1994, 6 prototypes, only few were produced

BTR-90 improved version, 1996

+ with Bakhcha weapon station, 100 mm 2A70 gun, 30 mm 2A72

+ with Berezhok weapon station, 2A42 and AG-30 AGL, 2 pods for Kornet ATGW

BTR-90 with add-on armour, 1999

BTR-90M Rostock APC with two-person Bakhcha-U (Bakhta-U) fighting compartment/turret and 100 mm gun, plus 30 mm 2A72 cannon, prototype 2001, production 2002

BTR-90 with 120 mm gun, project 2002

BTR-90 tank destroyer, project 2002

BTR-90 air defence vehicle, project 2002


BTR-3 - In service with Nigeria, Ukraine (50 in 2017)

BTR-3BR ARV, Ukraine

BTR-3DA, Ukraine

BTR-3E APC with new UTD-20 engine, Ukraine

BTR-3E (8x8) Armoured repair and recovery vehicle, Ukraine 2004

BTR-3E-1 (8x8) upgraded APC, Ukraine 2006, In service with: Myanmar (at least 10 in 2007), UAE (24 in 2007)

+ with Shturm combat module and Barrier ATGW

+ with BM-3 "Shturm" turret and new engine MTU 6R106TD21

+ with Shkval ROWS, 2018

BTR-3E1 APC (8x8) with BARYER ATGM on BM-3 SHTURM OWS, Ukraine 2012

BTR-3E ARV with winch, crane and dozer blade

BTR-3E 90 heavy fire support vehicle with 90mm Cockerill main gun

BTR-3EI - In service with Thailand (233 on order in 2016, 96 in 2019)

BTR-3 with Spear 120 mm automatic mortar system - In service with Thailand (not yet confirmed in 2016)

BTR-3U Hunter initially known as BTR-94K

BTR-3U (8x8) (BTR-3Ou) amphibious APC with automatic cannon and turret-mounted ATGMs in Chkval  turret on right side with German Deutz engine, prototype Ukraine 2002, Coy. Guardian
In service with: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Myanmar (100 in 2016), Nigeria, UAE

BTR-3U Guardian, version for UAE Marines with "Buran-N1" turret

1988 Hohenfels BTR-60 Stefan Marx.jpg

1988 Hohenfels BTR-60 Stefan Marx

BTR-60 Zeichnungen Stefan Marx.jpg
1993 Lithuania BTR-60 Stefan Marx.jpg

1993 Lithuania BTR-60

1994 Lilaste (LV) BTR-60PU Stefan Marx_1.jpg

1994 Lilaste (LV) BTR-60PU

1994 Lilaste (LV) BTR-60PU Stefan Marx_2.jpg
1994 Tallinn BTR-60PU Stefan Marx.jpg

1994 Tallinn (LV) BTR-60PU

1994 Lilaste (LV) BTR-60PU Stefan Marx_3.jpg

1994 Lilaste (LV) BTR-60PU

BTR-70 Zeichnung Stefan Marx.jpg


BTR-70 Zeichnungen Stefan Marx.jpg
BTR-80 Zeichnung Stefan Marx.jpg


1995 Moscow BTR-80 Stefan Marx_1.jpg
1995 Moscow BTR-80 Stefan Marx_2.jpg

1995 Moscow BTR-80

1995 Moscow BTR-80 Stefan Marx_3.jpg
1995 UAE BTR-80A with MWS turret Stefan Marx_1.jpg
1995 UAE BTR-80A with MWS turret Stefan Marx_2.jpg
1995 UAE BTR-80A with MWS turret Stefan Marx_3.jpg
1995 UAE BTR-80A with MWS turret Stefan Marx_4.jpg

1995 UAE BTR-80A with MWS turret

1995 UAE BTR-80A with MWS turret Stefan Marx_5.jpg
1995 UAE BTR-80A with MWS turret Stefan Marx_6.jpg
1995 UAE BTR-80A with MWS turret Stefan Marx_7.jpg
1995 UAE BTR-80A with MWS turret Stefan Marx_8.jpg
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