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BTR-series (6x6)
and successor vehicles

1989 Moscow BTR-152 Stefan Marx_2.jpg

1989 Moscow BTR-152

1989 Moscow BTR-152 Stefan Marx_1.jpg

BTR-140, (6x6), 1946 based on ZIL-151 truck, accepted for service in 1950 under designation BTR-152


BTR-152 Armoured transporter, ZIS-123 = modified chassis of ZIL-151, (zavodskoe izdeliye 140), prototype 1947, production 1951-1960; 15,000 vehicles; stricken from service in 1993

In service with: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Central African Republic (4), Congo (Republic) (20 in 2016), Cuba, Cyprus (?), Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Equatorial-Guinea (8 in 2016), Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq (450 in 1980), Israel, Latvian police, North Korea, Laos, Mali, Mozambique, Namibia (6 in 2016), Nicaragua (120 in 1990, 100 in 2016), Poland, PRC, Romania, Seychelles, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Zaire, Zambia, ZANLA and PLO

BTR-152 border patrol vehicle, Israel

BTR-152 command vehicle, Israel

BTR-152 with 20 mm Hispano Suiza AA guns on US M55 turret, 1970s

BTR-152 Model A with open top and no CTPRS

BTR-152A, accepted for service in 1952, fire-support vehicle

BTR-152A Anti-aircraft vehicle with twin 14.5 mm ZTPU-2 (STPU-2), since 1952                              (also NVA)

BTR-152 with quad 12.7 mm DShKM machine guns (M53), - In service with Afghanistan, Czechoslovakia, Egypt

BTR-152 with twin 23 mm ZU-23, (PLO, Israel and NVA)

BTR-152 with M53 quad 12.7 mm AA-gun, Afghanistan, Egypt

BTR-152 with mine-laying cute PMR-2

BTR-152 specially modified for PMR-3 towed minelayer

BTR-152B without CTPRS

BTR-152B command post vehicle (PUA) with raised sides and roof, since 1952

BTR-152B artillery command post

BTR-152D, BTR-152V chassis with ZPU-2 mount and twin 14.4 mm Mg (STPU-2), 1955

BTR-152E, BTR-152V with quadruple ZTPU-4 KPV (ZPU-4, STPU-4) 14.5 mm anti-aircraft Mg, few vehicles

BTR-152E, BTR-152V1 with twin 14.5 mm KPV machine guns (STPU-2), 1955 series

BTR-152I command version, in service with Poland

BTR-152I artillery command vehicle, based on BTR-152V

BTR-152K (Model D) with overhead armour protection, 1959                                                               (also NVA)

BTR-152K ambulance,                                                                                                                                  (also NVA)

BTR-152N radio station with hightened superstructure                                                                         (also NVA)

BTR-152S with CTPRS

BTR-152S command post vehicle (motor rifle unit commander)

BTR-152I/S Radio station with heightened superstructure                                                                  (also NVA)

BTR-152U command vehicle with heightened superstructure, since 1952,                                      (also NVA)

BTR-152V (BTR-152W) with external CTPRS and front winch, since 1954, in service with Afghanistan, Egypt

BTR-152V artillery observation vehicle (ABS)                                                                                        (also NVA)

BTR-152V1 with internal CTPRS, 1956/1958

BTR-152V1 with internal CTPRS and IR night driving lights, 1957, in service with Afghanistan

BTR-152V1,(Model B), 6x6, based on ZIL-157 truck chassis with external air-lines of CTPRS, winch and IR driving lights, since 1962, still with open top

BTR-152V1 mit Flak-Zwilling                                                                                                                     (also NVA)

BTR-152V1 with ZU-23 twin AA-gun, in service with PLO

BTR-152V1 combat engineer vehicle, in service with Syria

BTR-152 NBC recon vehicle                                                                                                                       (also NVA)

BTR-152V2 with CTPRS and no winch, remodified basic BTR-152 to V1 standard

BTR-152V3 (Model C), with open roof, CTPRS and winch, remodified BTR-152V to V1 standard

BTR-152W command vehicle with pointed roof, Poland

BTR-152W1 with open roof (BTR-152)                                                                                                     (also NVA)

+ mit Panzerabwehr-Lenkraketenkomplex 9K11

+ mit Minenlegegerät 60 als Anhängelast

SPW-152W1(S) für Kommndeure und Stabschefs der MSB/MSD                                                       (only NVA)

SPW-152W1(BBS) als Batterie-Befehlsstelle der Fla-SFL-batterien in den Panzeregimentern    (only NVA)

SPW-152 Prototyp mit Ausbildungsausstattung und keilförmig erhöhtem Aufbau (only NVA)


In 1957, an experimental prototype of the BTR-E152V triaxial armored vehicle was also built. It was equipped with front and middle steered wheels, a pneumatic power steering from a YAZ-214 truck and hydraulic shock absorbers on all axles. The car could move forward or reverse with one or two damaged wheels of the middle bridge. The second model with a power steering was driven by the wheels of the front and rear axles with extended super soft tires.


Sil-153 APC, wheeled (6x6), prototype 1959



Remdizel / KamAZ-Typhoon family of vehicles:

Remdizel Taifun K-4386 4x4 armoured vehicle with 4S21/4S41 Drok (Gorse) self-prpelled mortar with 2B14 Podnos 82 mm mortar in a trotating turret, 2019

KamAZ-4386 (4x4) Typhoon-VDV with 30 mm cannon (2017)

SPATGM version armed with eight ready-to-launch Kornet-EM anti-tank guided missiles mounted on two separate masts.

KamAZ-5388 (4x4) Armoured chassis cab

KamAZ-5388 (4x4) Armoured personnel carrier

KamAZ-53888 (4x4) Armoured cargo vehicle

KamAZ-53939 (4x4) APC Typhoon-K

KamAZ-53949 (4x4) APC Typhoon-L MRAP

KamAZ-53949 (4x4) Linza Taifun-K in ambulance configuration


KamAZ -6396 (6x6) Armoured chassis cab

KamAZ -6396 (6x6) Armoured cargo vehicle

KamAZ -63968 (6x6) Armoured personnel carrier Typhoon-K MRAP

KamAZ -63969 (6x6) Solid-body, wheeled amphibious armoured personnel carrier (APC) with a remote-controlled weapon station.

KamAZ -6398 (8x8) Armoured chassis cab

KamAZ -6398 (8x8) Armoured cargo vehicle

KamAZ -63988 (8x8) Armoured personnel carrier


URAL-63095 Typhoon (6x6) APC

URAL-63099 Typhoon (6x6) APC

BTR-152 Zeichnungen Stefan Marx.jpg
Afghan Army BTR-152V Zeichnung Stefan Marx.jpg
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