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2001 SU BRDM-3 9P148 (Stefan Marx, St. Petersburg).jpg

BRDM prototype 1956, based on BTR-40 chassis, development 1954-1957

BRDM-1 Modell 1957 with open roof (project 40A)

BRDM-1 Modell 1958 with closed roof, main production Model, in production from 1957-1968

BRDM-1 (BRT-40P or project 40P, GAZ-40P, BARN) series production from 1957-1966, 10.000 vehicles of all versions

In service with:  Albania, Algeria, Angola, Bulgaria, Central African Republic, Congo (Republic), Cuba (250 in 2016), Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, Guinea, Indonesia, Iraq (150 in 1980 from Hungary, from Romania and 100 from SU), Israel, Morocco, Mozambique, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sudan, Syria (400 in 2016), Ukraine, Vietnam (?), Yugoslavia, Zambia and NVA (SPW-40P)

+ armament 7.62 mm machine gun SGMB or rarely PKT

+ armament 12.7 mm heavy machine gun DShKM

+ armament 2 x 7.62 mm machine guns SGMB on side pintle mounts

BRDM-1 2P27 tank destroyer with PUR-61 Shmel (AT-1 SNAPPER), complex 2K16, 1960-1963

In service with Hungary, Poland, in service with NVA

BRDM-1 2P27S (2K16) tank destroyer (AT-1/Snapper), 1960

BRDM-1 2P32 tank destroyer with PUR-62 Falanga (AT-2 SWATTER), complex 2K8, 1960/1962,    (also NVA)

BRDM-1 2P124 tank destroyer with 9M17M missile = modernised 2P32, 1968, very few vehicles

BRDM-1 9P110 tank destroyer  with PUR-64 (9M14) Malyutka (AT-3 SAGGER), since 1963

In service with: Poland, Romania, NVA

BRDM-1 9P110 tank destroyer  with PUR-64 (9M14M) Malyutka (AT-3 SAGGER), 1963

In serice with Poland

BRDM-1 Rkh chemical warfare scout vehicle, 1966                                                                                (also NVA)

BRDM-1U command version

SPW-40P-RU Leiter der Aufklärung als Funkstelle der Division                                                          (only NVA)

SPW-40P-RU Führungsfahrzeug Leiter Truppenluftabwehr

SPW-40P-RU Führungsfahrzeug Leiter der Dienste der Regimenter

SPW-40P-RU Führungsfahrzeug Kommandeur Mot-Schützen-Bataillone

SPW-40P-RU Führungsfahrzeug Leiter der Artillerie


BRDM-V (or BRDM-1V) command vehicle


BRDM-2 (izdeliye 41), prototype 1962

BRDM-2 (project 41) (BTR-40PB) on GAZ-41-6 chassis, with BTR-60PB turret with 14,5 mm machine gun KPVT and coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun, production 1963/1966-1989/2000

In service with: Afghanistan, Algeria (115 in 2016), Angola, Benin (12 in 2016), Botswana, Bulgaria, Burundi (30), Cambodia (60 in 2016), Cape Verde Islands (10), Central African Republic (1), Chad, Congo (Republic), Croatia, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea (6 in 2016), Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau (12 in 2016), Hungary, India, Iraq (100 in 1988), Iran (?), Israel, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Madagascar (4 in 2016), Malawi, Mali, Mauretania, Mongolia (130 in 2016), Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nicaragua (100 in 1990, 22 in 2016), North-Korea, Palestine (15 in 2002), Peru, Poland (500, 340 in 2016), Polisario, Romania, Russia (2000 in 1999), Sao Tome & Principe, Serbia (30 from Russia in 2016), Seychellesa, Slovenia, Somalia, Sudan (30 in 2016), Syria (600 in 2016), Russia, Tanzania (24 in 2016), Transnistria, Ukraine, UNITA, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Yemen, PLO and NVA (SPW-40P2), 19000 vehicles produced all versions

+ GAZ-41               1st production model with two triangular small hatches over the air intakes behind the turret

+ GAZ-4106           2nd production model with a double slatted grille air intake

+ GAZ-4108           3rd production model with six domed baleen-type engine air intakes (BRDM-3)

BRDM-2 in service with Israel, few since 1973, some without turret

BRDM-2 with additional 12.7 mm DShK machine-gun on driver‘ s viewing hatch, in service with Iraq

BRDM-2U command version without turret for regimental commander, in service with Poland and NVA

BRDM-2U command version with turret for battalion commander

SPW-40P2(K) Führungsfahrzeug für Zugführer und Kompaniechefs in den Aufklärungskompanien mit Halbteleskopmast HTM-10                                                                                                                                                   (also NVA)

BRDM-2UM command post for commanders and staffs                                                               (also NVA)

BRDM-2  with loudspeaker on turret and additional generator, without machine gun

SPW-40P2 M/F Kurierfahrzeug                                                                                                           (only NVA)

BRDM-2RCh NBC-reconnaissance vehicle, in service with Czechoslovakia

BRDM-2RHB NBC-reconnaissance vehicle, in service with Ukraine

BRDM-2RKh, on GAZ-4108 chassis                                                                                    (also Czechoslovakia, Iraq, NVA)

+ BRDM-2RKhA with 14.5 mm KPVT Mg, small numbers

+ BRDM-2RKhB (rchb) with 7.62 mm PKT Mg, upgraded RKhB, in service with Czechoslovakia, Iraq, Poland

BRDM-2 Ch                                                                                                                                               (also NVA)

BRDM-2rs NBC reconnaissance vehicle with automatic marking device, in service with Poland 1973

BRDM-2 upgrade with unmanned turret, Czech Republic 2001

BRDM-2 upgrade with unmanned turret, command version, Czech Republic 2001

BRDM-2 upgrade with BPU-1 turret machine gun mount of BTR-80, Diesel engine, Arzamas 2003

BRDM-2 R5 with additional antenna mast folded like a frame antenna, Poland

BRDM-2 Model 96i with belly wheels removed, in service with: Bosnia, Poland (appr. 100)

BRDM-2 Model 96ik Szakal, PRN-500 radios, upgrade with cage armour for service for Polish units in Iraq, 2003 (at least 43)

BRDM-2 Model 97 (BRDM-2B), Zbik-B, in service with Poland (< 40 in 2001)

BRDM-2BF Zbik-BF, Poland

BRDM-2 Model 98, Zbik-A (Lynx-A) with observation and reconnaissance sensor system, Poland prototype in 2000

BRDM-2, Zbik-B, same modernisation package as Zbik-A but without sensor package, Poland 2001 proposal

BRDM-2, Zbik-P vehicle with STN ATLAS ASRAD quadruple Grom-launcher, Poland 2001

BRDM-2, Zbik vehicle with HARD radar, proposal 2001

BRDM-2 NBC reconnaissance vehicle, proposal in 2001

BRDM-2 command vehicle R-1A with additional antennas, Poland 1986

BRDM-B, upgraded BRDM-2, Czech army 2001, 50+ vehicles planned, cancelled

BRDM-VR, command post upgrade, Czech army 2001

BRDM-2 upgrade LOT-B armed combat version with Renault engine, Czech VOP 026 in 2003, no sales

BRDM-2 upgrade LOT-VR command vehicle, Czech VOP 026 in 2003

BRDM-2 upgrade OKV civil police version, Czech VOP 026 in 2003, sold to police

BRDM-2 with diesel engine and TUChA smoke discharger system, Ukraine 2005

BRDM-2 with dieel engine, turret roof hatch, side doors, Ukraine 2008

BRDM-2 upgrade with MA turret armed with a 14.6 mm KPVB and 7.62 mm PKTM MG, YaMZ-E543.10 diesel engine, belly wheels removed, side doors, Muromteplovoz company 2006

+ with MA1 turret with a 14.6 mm KPVB and 7.62 mm PKTM MG,30 mm AG-17 AGS

+ with MA2 turret with 23 mm cannon, 7.62 mm MG

+ with MA4 turret with 23 mm cannon, 7.62 mm MG, 30 mm AGL

BRDM-2 based Internal Security Vehicle Vepr, prototype 2007

BRDM-2A upgrade with GAZ-562 diesel and BPU-1 turret, Arzamas Machinery Plant 2011

BRDM-2D Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle, 2004

BRDM-KZ with Falconeye surveillance system, ACAR ground surveillance radar, DUBM-12.7mm RWS, Semey Engineering, Kazakhstan 2014

BRDM-2 based ZKDM, Azerbaijan modification with new turret with twin 23 mm GSh-23L automatic gun, 2014

BRDM-2 upgarde with Isuzu 6HH-1 diesel, Sudan 2017


BRDM-2 launcher vehicle 9P31 for ZRK-BD SA-9/Gaskin Strela-1 Komplex 9K31, on chassis GAZ-4106, 1968

in service with Afghanistan, Algeria (40+ in 2000), Angola (20+ in 2000), Benin (4 in 2000), Bosnia, Bulgaria (50 in 2000), Croatia, Cuba (60 in 2000), Czech Republic, Egypt (20 in 2000, 2005), Ethiopia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Hungary (28 in 2000), India (400 in 2000), Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya (60 in 2000), Madagascar, Mali, Mauretania (4 in 2000), Mozambique (few), Nicaragua (few), Poland (200+ in 2000), Polisario (4+ in 2000), Romania (40+ in 2000), Russia (200+ in 2000), Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Syria (20+ in 2000), Tanzania (few), Ukraine, Vietnam, Yemen (20+ in 2000), Yugoslavia, PLO ( few) and NVA

BRDM-2 launcher vehicle 9P31M for ZRK-BD SA-9/Gaskin Strela-1 Komplex 9K31M, on chassis GAZ-4106, later GAZ-4108, (NVA GAZ 41-05), since 1970

BRDM-2 launcher vehicle 9P31M2 for ZRK-BD SA-9/Gaskin Strela-1M2 Komplex 9K31M2

BRDM-2 launcher vehicle 9P31MR for ZRK-BD SA-9/Gaskin Strela –1MR Komplex 9K31MR

BRDM-2 launcher vehicle 9P31R for ZRK-BD SA-9/Gaskin Strela-1R Komplex 9K31R

BRDM-2A1 (SA-9 Mod A) with FLAT BOX-A passive radar detection antennas

BRDM-2A2 (SA-9 Mod B) without FLAT BOX-A antennas

BRDM-2 launcher vehicle for SA-9 with SA-13 misile containers on the outer positions, South Africa 1991

BRDM-2 launcher vehicle with auadruple launcher for Grom, Poland 2001

BRDM-2 with Aselsan Igla quadruple launch system, Turkey 2009


BRDM-2 tank destroyer 9P122 with AT-3b SAGGER (PUR-64 - 9M14M Malyutka M), GAZ-41-02, 1968

In service with: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Hungary, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Morocco,  Mozambique, Nicaragua, Poland, Polisario, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Syria, Ukraine, Yugoslawia and NVA

BRDM-2 tank destroyer 9P113 with AT-3/Sagger, 1969

BRDM-2 tank destroyer 9P124 with PUR-62 Falanga M (AT-2/SWATTER-B), 1973           (also NVA)

BRDM-2 tank destroyer 9P133 with 9M14P Malyutka (AT-3c SAGGER), on GAZ-4106 chassis, 1969, in service with Poland, Romania (69 in 2016)

BRDM-2 with 9M111 Fagot (Bassoon),AT-4 SPIGOT, since 1973, in service with Czechoslovakia

BRDM-2 tank destroyer 9P137 with 9M66 Konkurs AT-5 SPANDREL, anti-tank missile set 9K113 since 1974, also in service with  Algeria, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, Hungary, Iraq and NVA

BRDM-3 tank destroyer 9P137 (=BRDM-2 with SPANDREL) with GAZ-41-08 chassis

Designation 9P137 used for 9P124 vehicle firing the AT-2c/Swatter missile/Scorpion-P/Falanga-M

BRDM-3 tank destroyer 9P148 M-1966 with 3 9M111-2 in centre launch position and 2 9M66 (9M113) on outer launch rails, 1974 (BRDM-3 is no Russian official designation, it is an imagination of the West), in service with Poland (1984), Romnia (48 in 2016), Slovakia (6 in 2016)

+ with thermal imager

BRDM-2 tank destroyer 9P148 with 5 9M113/Konkurs (AT-5/Spandrel) missiles, in service with Iraq, (also NVA)

BRDM-2 tank destroyer 9P148 with 4 missile launchers and 1PN66 thermal missile controller´s sight

BRDM-2 tank destroyer 9P148 M-1996 with 5 missiles 9M113M Konkurs-M and big thermal sight

BRDM-2 tank destroyer 9P148, 1974

BRDM-2 vehicle without turret, converted from 9P148, 1999

BRDM-2 Mapatz with TOW launcher, Israel

BRDM-2 ATM-1 transport vehicle

ATM-1 Ingul  accident and breakdown vehicle, 1990

FUG-65 (OT-65), Hungary

FUG-70 (OT-70), Hungary

BRDM‑NIK armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle, Ukraine 2017

BRDM Mangusta / Mongoose, Ukraine 2018

BRDM-4B ELINT, based on Volat MZKT-490100 (4x4) light armoured vehicle; Belarus 2019

2001 St. Petersburg 2P27S 2K16 1960 (AT-1 Snapper) Stefan Marx_1.jpg

2001 St. Petersburg 2P27S 2K16 1960 (AT-1 Snapper)

2001 St. Petersburg 2P27S 2K16 1960 (AT-1 Snapper) Stefan Marx_3.jpg
2001 St. Petersburg 2P27S 2K16 1960 (AT-1 Snapper) Stefan Marx_2.jpg
2001 St. Petersburg 2P27S 2K16 1960 (AT-1 Snapper) Stefan Marx_4.jpg
2001 St. Petersburg 2P32 3M11 (9M17) 1960 AT-2 Swatter Stefan Marx_1.jpg

2001 St. Petersburg 2P32 3M11 (9M17) 1960
AT-2 Swatter

Soviet BTR - BRDM Zeichnungen Stefan Marx - Kopie.jpg
2001 St. Petersburg 2P32 3M11 (9M17) 1960 AT-2 Swatter Stefan Marx_2.jpg
2001 St. Petersburg 9P110 with AT-3 Sagger Stefan Marx_1.jpg
2001 St. Petersburg 9P110 with AT-3 Sagger Stefan Marx_2.jpg

2001 St. Petersburg 9P110 with AT-3 Sagger

1993 Lithuania BRDM-1 Stefan Marx.jpg

1993 Lithuania BRDM-1

1989 Moscow BRDM-2 (BTR-40P2) Stefan Marx_1.jpg
1989 Moscow BRDM-2 (BTR-40P2) Stefan Marx_2.jpg

1989 Moscow BRDM-2

2001 St. Petersburg 9P113 Model 1969 Stefan Marx.jpg
2001 St. Petersburg 9P124 AT-2c Swatter Stefan Marx.jpg

2001 St. Petersburg 9P113 Model 1969

2001 St. Petersburg 9P124 AT-2c Swatter

Soviet BRDM Zeichnungen Stefan Marx.jpg
BRDM-2 9P148 Model 1974 AT-5 Spandrel Stefan Marx.jpg

BRDM-2 9P148 Model 1974 AT-5 Spandrel

1994 Tallinn BRDM-2 Stefan Marx.jpg

1994 Tallinn BRDM-2

1994 Tallinn BRDM-2U Stefan Marx.jpg

1994 Tallinn BRDM-2U

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