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2003 BMP-3 Rosboronexport_1.jpg


1995 BMP-3 (Stefan Marx, Moscow)_1.jpg
2006 BMP-3_1.jpg
2014 BMP-3 Khrizantema-S_1.jpg
2014 BMP-3F_1.jpg

BMP-3 (Object 688) prototype, with 30 mm 2A42 cannon, 30 mm grenade launcher and box launcher for two ATM, 1981

BMP-3 (Object 688-01, 689) with 2K23 armament system consisting of 100 mm 2A70 gun/missile launcher and 30 mm 2A72 cannon (SICV M 1990/1), 1986

In service with Azerbaijan (56 in 2016), Abu Dhabi (650), Cyprus (43), Indonesia, Kuwait (118, 55 in 2016), Myanmar (2016 on order), Russia (35 in 1992, 69 in 1994, 700 in 1999/2016), South Korea (23, 110 in 2016), Turkmenistan, UAE (391, 450 in 2016 with 135 being upgraded), Venezuela (2011, 300 in 2013, 300+ in 2016)

Object 699 BMP-3 multi-purpose hull

BMP-3 Model 1990 Infantry Combat Vehicle

BMP-3 with thermal sight, in service with Abu Dhabi (1993: 650) and Kuwait (161)

BMP-3 upgrade with improved sights, thermal imager (SAGEM), ARENA active protection complex, 660 hp engine, KBM-3M air conditioning set, Kurganmashzavod 2000

BMP-3 with Bakhcha-U fighting compartment and 100 mm gun, 1999

BMP-3F for naval infantry without self-entrenching dozer blade - In service with Indonesia (54 in 2016)

BRM-3 Object 501 Res (Lynx) Recon version with 30 mm 2A72 cannon only and 1RL-133-1 radar (TALL MIKE)

= BRM-3K Rys (Lynx) Recon version with 30 mm cannon 2A72

BMP-3K command version

BMP-3M Dragun IFV with new fighting compartment

BMP-3M with Arena-E active protection system, UTD-32T Diesel, 2002

BMMP Marines fighting vehicle with BMP-2 turret, Kurganmashzavod 2000

BMP-3 with 57 mm Epokha turret; 2020

BMP-3 launch platform 9P162 for Kornet AT-13 missile system (AT-X-14), 1994, later designated AT-14 9M133 Kornet


BMP-3 launch platform 9P157 Khrizantema (Chrysanthemum) for AT missile system 9M123 (AT-X-15)

BMP-3 launch platform 9P157-2 Krizantema-S for AT missile system AT-15, 2001, service entry in Russia 2003

+ 9M123F-2, HE warhead, 2001

+ 9M123-2, HEAT warhead, 2001

BMP-3 launch platform for 2x6 Germes long-range ATGW, 1999

BMP-3 driver training vehicle with training cabin

BMP-3 Earth mover Vostorg-2, Coy. Muron

BMP-3 with Matra Santal armoured turret (Mistral)

BMP-3 with Wildcat AD-system (Krauss Maffei) with 2x30 mm cannons plus 4 x SA-16 / Sa-18, interest by UAE in 1999

BMP-3 with Wildcat AD-system with 1x30 mm cannon and AD missile system, proposal

BMP-3 with Wildcat AD-system and Mistral AD missile system

BMP-3 with SANTAL turret system, proposal 1993

BMP-3 with turret with 2x4 Vikhr missiles, proposal 1999

BMP-3 with Pantsyr-S1 (Pantsir-S1) turret for 2x6  57E6YE missiles and two twin 2A38 cannons, 1999, UAE 24 units in 2005, though GM-352M1E chassis adopted

BMP-3 chassis with 2S31 Vena with 120 mm gun/mortar system, very small numbers since 2010

BMP-3 chassis 1B172-2 Unified Artillery Comamnd-Observation Post/Command-and-Staff Vehicle, 2014

BMP-3 chassis with 57 mm 2S38 Derivatsiya-PVO SPAAG, 2018


BREM-L recovery vehicle Beglianka (Begljanka) with 5 ton crane, in service with Azerbaijan, Cyprus (1+), South Korea, Kuwait, Russia, Ukraine, UAE (65)

BREM-L based armoured repair vehicle, in service with Cyprus

BMP-3 Multi-purpose chassis without rear doors

BMP-3 with AU-220M RCT armed with 57 mm gun and 7.62 mm co-axial MG, 2016

Object 685 with 100 mm long barreled AT-gun, 7.62 mm coaxial armament and 9K34 Strela-3 on BMP-3 chassis, 1975

Object 688 with 30 mm high angle fire cannon and ATGM system

Remote-controlled mine clearance system UR-07M, 2013; Russia

BMP-3 based UGV - Vikhr (Wirlwind), 2016



BMP-4 with 40 mm gun (?), streamlined chassis with stealth characteristics, Kurgan 1999

BMP-4 designation for BMP3M with new turret, ammunition upgrade, Tula 2002


BMP-60 - In service with Angola (60 in 2016)


BMP-U with BM-8 ROWS, BMP-1/2 replacement; Ukraine 2018

BMP-3 Chassis.jpg
BMP-3 Training_1.jpg
1995 Moscow BMP-3 Stefan Marx_1.jpg

1995 Moscow BMP-3

1995 UAE BMP-3 Stefan Marx_1.jpg

1995 UAE BMP-3

1995 UAE BMP-3 Stefan Marx_2.jpg
1995 UAE BMP-3 Stefan Marx_3.jpg
1995 BMP-3 mit WBG (Stefan Marx, Abu Dhabi)_1.jpg
1995 UAE BMP-3 Stefan Marx_4.jpg
1995 UAE BMP-3 Stefan Marx_5.jpg
1995 UAE BMP-3 Stefan Marx_7.jpg

1995 UAE BMP-3

1995 UAE BMP-3

1995 UAE BMP-3 Stefan Marx_9.jpg
1999 UAE BMP-3 with ARENA Stefan Marx.jpg

1999 UAE BMP-3 with ARENA

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