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BMP-1 and BMP-2

Russia BMP San (Stefan Marx, Abu Dhabi).jpg

Object 19 half-track combination (4x4 suspension with secondary track assembly between ) with BMP-1 turret, 1965

Object 911 withshortened PT-76 based hull with conventional tracked suspension and four retractable wheels underneth hull, BMP-like chassis, and BMP-1 turret, 1964

Object 911B, small amphibious vehicle, based on BMP, 1964

Object 914 tracked vehicle with BMP-1 turret, PT-76 hull, 1964

Object 918, BMP-prototype

BMP-1200 (Object 1200) Bryansk (8x8) wheeled APC, competitor to BTR-60, 1964, not produced

Object 1800, BTR with BMP-1 turret


Object 764, prototype for BMP-1, 1964-1965

BMP-76PB (Object 765), M-1967, first NATO designation, Korshun (Kite), trials in 1965

Object 765 Korshun, BMP-765 Sp 1 early designation of BMP-1, production 1966-1969

Object 765 Sp 2, production 1969-1973, with increased combat weight

Object 765 Sp 3, production 1973-1979

Object 765 Sp 4 = BMP-1PG, small series in late 1970s with AGS-17, 1979

Object 765 Sp 8 with AG-17

Object 765 mit nach hinten versetztem Turm, 1960s project

Object 766, BMP version

Object 768, BMP version 1972

Object 769, BMP version with 30 mm cannon 2A42, 1972

BMP prototype design with conventional 76 mm gun

BMP-Model 1966 preseries type with 9M14 missile

BMP-Model 1966 Initial production type with stowage box above idler wheel

BMP-Model 1966 Standard production type

BMP-Model 1966 Final production type with new PKM port

BMP-Model 1970

BMP-1970 with extended nose

BMP-1 (Object 765) called BMP-A by NATO, since 1966, 1970 with 73 mm 2A28 Grom low-pressure gun, redisigned nose and 9M14M missile (AT-3 Sagger)

In service with Afghanistan (Taliban), Algeria (since 1975, 500), Angola (+21 from Belarus), Armenia (4), Azerbaijan (26 in 2016), Belarus (96 in 2016), Bulgaria (+100 in 1998, 90 in 2016), Cambodia (174 in 2016), Chad, Cuba (since 1980, 60), Czech Republic, Egypt (1973, 200 in 1994, few in 2016), Eritrea (some 40 in 2016), Ethiopia (20 in 2016), Finland (1981, 163 without automatic loader in 1999), Georgia, Greece (300, 398 in 2013, 398 in 2016), Hungary, India, Iran (500, 180 until 1988 from Libya, 300 in 1997, some 200 in 2016), Iraq (200 in 1980 with 100 from Poland as well Libya and Romania, 800 in 1988, 700+, several without autoloader, 2000? in 1990; 100 from Greece in 2008, 150 in 2016), Israel (captured from Egypt and Syria), Kazakhstan, Kuwait (50+), NLA, North Korea, Libya (450), Mongolia (300+ in 2016), Mozambique (since 1984), Nicaragua (Russian surplus in 2016), North Korea (200+ in 2016), Pakistan, Paraguay (15 in 2018), Poland, Polisario, Romania, Russia (8,200+), Slovakia (100 in 2016), Soviet Union, Sweden (350), Sri Lanka (48 in 2016), Syria (1973, 1000+; 2300 in 2016), Transnistria, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uruguay (15, local designation M1, 15 in 2016), Yemen (50+), Yugoslavia and NVA)

BVP-1 Czech version of BMP-1, in service with Czech army, Nigeria, Slovakia, Uruguay

Object 680, upgraded BMP with 30mm 2A42 (2A38) cannon in low-profile turret, prototype 1972, not accepted

BMP-1D with applique armour, 1982

VCI-M1, BMP-1 without Sagger and refurbished by VOP-26 in 1996, 10 in 1996

BMP-1E Afghanistan modification with added armour and side skirts

BMP-1F recon vehicle (Hungary)

BMP-1G with AT-5, AG-17 and thermal sight, 1993

BMP-1 with 9M14M missile system (from 9P122 launcher), Armenia 1993

BMP-1 with 360 hp engine and AG-17 grenade launcher

BMP-1 upgrade with AG-17 grenade launcher, 9M113M Konkurs AT-missile system and BMP-2 track and driving sprocket, Kurganmashzavod 2000

BMP-1 upgrade with BMP-2 turret and BMP-2 float track guards, Kurganmashzavod 2000

BMP-1K (Object 767 or BMP-M1974) command vehicle, based on BMP-1PK, 1972 - In service with Armenia, Finland (since 1982), Russia

BMP-1K (Object 773)

BMP-1K3 command vehicle

BMP-1Ksh Model 1978 (Object 774 = BMP M1978) Communications/command vehicle with HAWK EYE 10 m antenna, battalion and higher staff, 1976                                                                                                      (also NVA)

+ BMP 1V31 command version based on BMP-1KShM

+ BMP 9S743 command version

BMP-1KShM (Object 778) unarmed command vehicle (Poland)

BMP-1M with external 9P135M launcher on turret roof for 9M111M Fagot (AT-4 Spigot) missile, (last version before introduction of BMP-2)

BMP-1M with Kliver-turret (KBP coy.), 30 mm 2A42 automatic cannon and Kornet (AT-13) ATGM, 1998, development ended in the beginning of 1999

BMP-1/B-30 with 30 mm 2A42 autocannon and Fagot/Konkurs (AT-4/AT-5) ATGM (BMD-2 turret)

BMP-1B upgrade with Cobra-S turret and new fire control system, Metapol; JSC Peleng, Belarus (60), 2002

BMP-1 with Cobra-S turret with stabilised 2A42 30 mm cannon, in service with Belarus 2002

BMP-1 with Cobra II turret, 30 mm 2A42 cannon, and TISAS camera pod, Elbit and Slovakia’s DMD Group 2008

BMP-1 with Kentron Ingwe ATGM turret, proposal 2002,

+ prototype 2004 with 2A72 30 mm cannon, coy. IST Dynamics, South Africa

BMP-1 variant with drop ramp

BMP-1M with Shkval OWS and 30 mm ZTM dual-feed cannon, Ukrainian upgrade 2011

BMP-1P (object 765 Sp4) with external 9P135 launcher on turret roof for 9M113 or 9M114 AT-missile capability, 1974/1983

BMP-1PG with AG-17 and 9M113/9P135 Konkurs missile system, 1993

BMP-1PK command vehicle, 1979

BMP-1 with raised superstructure and 2B9M Vasilyek automatic mortar, 1 protoype, Hungary 1997

BMP-1 IFV with 120 mm CARDOM mortar system, Soltam around 2007

BMP-1S with AV-1 device (zusätzliches Schweißgerät AW-1), reduced crew and ammunition load, 1970s

BMP-1S, BMP-1 with French Diesel engine, Egypt

BMP-1Sh, command version, Egypt

BMP-1SM ambulance, Iraq 1985

BMP-1 with  ZU-23-2 instead of turret, Taliban 2001

BMP-1TJ, Finland

BMP-1 ambulance (Iraq, Czech Republic)

BMP-R Model 1976 Recon vehicle (= BRM-1)

BMP M 1976 (=BMR-1), since early 1970s

Object 507, RM-G recovery vehicle with crane, based on BMP-1 chassis, 1995

BMP-recovery vehicle,  (source Slovakia)                                                                                           (also NVA)

BMP-1U Modell 1974 with telescoping antenna and reduced firing ports

BMP-M-1981 (BMP-2) in service with Afghanistan, Algeria, Czech Republic, Finland, India, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Poland, Slovakia, Yemen)

PBV-501, Swedish modification of German vehicles, modified in Czech Republic

BREM-2 Armoured repair-evacuation machine (Ukraine) with crane, 1982, 1986

BREM-4 Armoured recovery vehicle, 1982

+ vehicle based on BMP-1

+ vehicle based on BMP-2

BRM = BMP M1976/1 Scout vehicle with two-man turret with 73 mm 2A28 gun, 1973

BRM-1 (Object 676) reconnaissance vehicle with 73 mm 2A28 gun - In service with Belarus (161 in 2016), Hungary, Kenya (85? in 2016), Poland (38 in 2001)

BRM-1K (Object 676 Korshun) = BMP M1976/2 (Russia 1,376+ in 1991)

BRM-1K reconnaissance vehicle, battlefield surveillance radar PSNR-5K (1RL-133-1) TALL MIKE - In service with Armenia, Azerbaijan (4 in 2016), Czechoslovakia, NVA

BMP-1UMD Stilet turret; Ukraine 2018

RTV Tracked repair vehicle with boom crane installation

BMP-1 evacuation and transport vehicle for industrial disasters, 1989

Object 714, BMP-1 version

VCI M-1, Uruguayan designation for BMP-1


Object 670, prototypr for BMP-2

Object 675 with 30 mm 2A42 cannon, later accepted as BMP-2, 1974

Object 677 experimental BMP

Object 680 with 23 or 30 mm cannon in unmanned low-profile turret, 1972

Object 749, BMP-2 with 30 mm gun, 1974

Object 681, BMP-1G with two-men turret and long-barreled 73 mm gun „Sarniza“ and AT-4 missile system on BMP-2 chassis, 1977

Object 768 with lenghtened chassis, two-men turret and long-barreled 73 mm gun and 9M14 AT-3 SAGGER missile system

Object 769 with lenghtened chassis and 30 mm 2A42 cannon

Object 934 with MBT calibre main gun and DRK 9K-34 Strela 3 in a fully rotating turret

BMP-2 Modell 1981 (Object 675) with30 mm 2A42 cannon and AT-4 SPIGOT / AT-5 SPANDREL, 1980

In service with: Afghanistan, Algeria (230 in 2016), Angola (100 in 2016), Armenia (50), Azerbaijan (39 in 2016), Belarus (1156 in 2016), Cuba, Czechoslovakia (2,252 all versions in 1992), Finland (110), Georgia, India (362 additional licence-built vehicles are on order in 2016), Iraq, Iran (400 from SU in 1989), Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait (40 in 2016), Libya, Macedonia, Pakistan, Russia (6,000+ in 1991; some 25.000 with BMP-1 in 2016), Sierra Leone, Slovakia (90 in 2016), Soviet Union, Sri Lanka, Sudan (6 from Ukraine), Syria, Turkmenistan, Uganda (20 in 2016), Ukraine, UNITA, Uzbekistan, Yemen and NVA

BMP-2D with applique armour, 1982/1987

BMP-2E mit Zusatzpanzerungselementen am unteren Wannenbug und an den Wannenseiten, 1983

BMP-2 with additional anti-radiation sheeting, since 1984

BMP-2 with 30 mm 2A42 cannon, AG-17 automatic grenade launcher and AT-5

BMP-2 with 30 mm 2A42 cannon, AG-17 and ATGM pod with four 9M113 at turret rear, Ukraine 2008

BMP with Kluiver (Kliver) one-man turret mount with 2A72 30 mm cannon and 4-missile launcher Kornet

BMP-2 with 30 mm 2A42 cannon and 2 x 2 9M133 Kornet-E pods on turret sides, KBP

BMP-2 upgrade with AG-17 grenade launcher, BKP-3-42 gunner‘ s sight or BKP-M thermal imaging module, 360 hp engine, additional armour, KBM-2 air conditioning set, Kurganmashzavod 2000

BMP-2 upgrade with Rubezh sighting system with PNK-2-42 thermal imaging sight and two 9M113 Konkurs ATGM on left side of turret, 360 hp engine, Kurganmashzavod 2003

BMP-2 upgrade with Rubezh-M sighting system with thermal imaging sight, AG-17 and 9M113 Konkurs ATGM on the roof, 350 hp engine, new suspension system, applique armour, mien protection, Kurganmashzavod 2008

BMP-2 upgrade with Rubezh-M sighting system with BPK-3-42 day/night gunner's sight, AG-17 and 9M113 Konkurs ATGM on the roof, 350 hp engine, new suspension system, applique armour, mien protection, Kurganmashzavod 2008

BMP-2 upgrade with Rubezh-M weapon control system and twin 9M113 ATGMs on top of turret, Belarus 2006

BMP-2 wit additional KMT-8 mine ploughs

BMP-2 with 120 mm hybrid gun/mortar (2S12 ?)

BMP-2K (Object 678) command version, BMP-2(K) Führungsfahrzeug mit Halbteleskopmast           (also Macedonia, NVA)

BMP-2M with Bakhcha-U fighting compartment /BMP-3 turret, 2001

BMP-2M with 30 mm 2A42 cannon and 2x2 9M113 Kornet missile launchers on turret sides, 2004

BMP-2M - In service with Algeria (upgraded BMP-1), 2016

BMP-2 IFV uograde with KBM 9K120 Ataka misile system on top of turret, 2013

BMP-2 Sarath with Samson MK II RWS, Rafael offer 2014

BMP-2 with KMT-8 and KMT-10 mine clearing devices

IRM „Zhuk“ (Object 78) amphibious engineer scout vehicle for minefield scouting with extended chassis, 1976, 1980

IPR river reconnaissance vehicle with extended chassis = Western designation for IRM

Object 503, predecessor of PRP-series vehicle

Object 508, predecessor of PRP-series vehicle

Object 509, predecessor of PRP-series vehicle

Object 767, PRP-3 „Bal“ Model 1975 (BMP M1975) Artillery mobile reconnaissance post with radar 1RL126 SMALL FRED, also called BMP-SON, 1970

PRP-4 (Object 779) „Nard“ Artillery reconnaissance vehicle with radar SMALL FRED and thermal imaging night vision device, 1980

PRP-4A Argus reconnaissance vehicle with 1L120-1 radar, 2013

PRP-4M Deitery armoured recon vehicle with radar station 1RL 133-1 and improved night vision sensors, 1988

PRP-4MTsch or PRP-4MU armoured recon vehicle with radar station 1RL 133-3

Faltset-M Complex for automated fire control of self-propelled artillery:

+ command observation post 1V156

+ command staff post 1V157

BMP M 1973 (=PRP-3)

BMP-PPO mobile training vehicle with 8 commander‘ s cupolas

BMP-K Berezhlivyi with B05Ya01 Berezhok turret with 2A42 30 mm automatic cannon


Chinese versions of  BMP:

Type WZ501, direct copy of BMP-1 with Type 73 Red Arrow ATM, 1975

Type WZ501A with new turret with 25 mm cannon

Type WZ503 with machine-gun turret only and raised superstructure

Type WZ504 tank destroyer without turret and with Type 73 Red Arrow quadruple launcher module

Type WZ505 ambulance version

Type WZ506 command version

NFV-1 with FMC turret for M242 25 mm Bushmaster cannon, prototype


Czech versions of BMP:

BVP-1 = BMP-1, licence production 1972/1974-1982, in service with Czechoslovakia (2252), 98 in 2016

BVP-1K in service with Czech army, Slovakia

BVP-1MA with KUKA turret

BVP-1MB with KUKA turret

BVP-1/99 Tania, upgrade coy. Caliber Prague 1999, no procurement


BVP-2 = BMP-2 (Czech version of BMP-2)

In service with Algeria (48 in 2016), Czechoslovakia (242), Czech Republic (182 in 1998, 108+68 in 2016), Indonesia (32 in 2016), Slovakia (93 in 1998)


Cobra-S = BMP-1 with low-silouette turret with 30 mm 2A42 cannon, Slovakia 2001

Konstrukta Defence KD-V30 one-man turret with 30 mm 2A42 cannon and 7.62mm PKT coaxial MG, 2005

Konstrukta Defence KD-50 turret and Galileo FCS „Colibri“, tests in 2005

BVP-M2 SKCZ upgrade with TURRA-30 remote turret, prototype 2011

AMB-S ambulance version with raised superstructure, other designation ZDR: In service with Czech Republic,  Slovakia

BMP-1SM ambulance version with non-armed turret

Boure III psychological warfare version with loudspeaker array instead of turret

BPzV reconnaissance version with PSNR-5K (Tall Mike) radar, 1992, 72 in 1994

BRM-1K = Russian BRM-1

DP-90 modernisation of PMP-4 mobile recon point, Slovakia

DPK modernisation of mobile recon point, Czech Republic

DTP-90 unarmed BVP-1 maintenance vehicle

DTP-90M maintenance vehicle

MP-31 = AD command version of Russian BMP-1KShM, Kommando-Stabsfahrzeug                        (also NVA)

MR-31 command vehicle, Czech version of BMP-KShM

MU-90 turretless mine-laying version

OT-90 = BVP-1 with OT-64SKOT-2A turret (600), 1990 - In service with CAR (3), Czech Republik (207 in 1998)

OT-90M1, 1993

OT-90M2, 1995

OTR-5 command post vehicle

PRAM-S 120 mm mortar vehicle, 1982, 1990, in service with Czech Republic (6 in 1998), Slovakia (6 in 1998)

Snezka artillery observation vehicle with elevating sensor platform

SVO mine-clearinf vehicle

VIP command version, Czech Republic 1993

VP-90 modernised OT-90

VPV = BREM-4 maintenance and recovery vehicle, in service with Bosnia (2004), Czechoslovakia, Russia

BMP-1VPV, in service with Hungary only

ZDR ambulance, Slovakia

ZT-90, modernised OT-90

ZV-90 turretless recovery version, Slovakia

VR 1p BVP command vehicle, prototype in 2002

VOV-1p company command post vehicle, pre-series vehicle in 2005, series vehicles to be designated BVP-2V (up to 15 planned in 2005), upgraded vehicles in 2004 for Czech army, VOP 26

VOV Battalion commander’s office, prototype 2006, series for Czech Army in 2007, VOP 26


German versions of BMP:

BMP-1A1 Ost (Bundeswehr), 1990

BMP-1 A1 Fahrschulpanzer mit Kabine des FAP 500U, prototype

BMP-1 with Rheinmetall single-seat combat module with 30 mm Mauser cannon, proposal 2001



BMP-1P with external 9P135 launcher on turret roof for 9M114 missile and smoke grenade launchers (110 in 1990 from German army stocks)

BMP-1PS, in service with Finland since 1994 (upgraded German vehicles)

BMP-1K1 company command vehicle (upgraded German vehicles)

BMP-1TJ Tuya artillery observation vehicle, since 1989



BMP with ZU-23-2


Indian versions of BMP:

BMP-1, 350-700 vehicles

BMP-2 Sarath, India 1983, 1000 in 1997, 1200 in 2004

BMP-2 Sarath with NAG AT-missile system with raised rear structure, in development 1999

BMP-2 Namica tank destroyer with raised superstructure and hydraulically-operated elevated observation/launch platform for NAG AT-missile, 2002, 13 vehicles with 443 missiles only

BMP-2 Sarath with TS-90 90 mm GIAT turret, 2 prototypes, cancelled in 1997

BMP-2 Sarath with 105 mm gun

BMP-2 Sarath ambulance version

BMP-2 AERV reconnaissance vehicle

Engineer reconnaissance vehicle, 10 vehicles in 1995

AAD - Armoured Amphibious Dozer vehicle, 2002

Trishul SAM system

+ MCP – Mobile Command Post for Trishul with stretched chassis

+ TCV – Trishul Combat Vehicle with SA-8 Gecko licence produced missile, Flycatcher radar and stretched chassis of


Akash SAM system (modified SA-6) on stretched BMP-2 chassis:

+ launcher vehicle

+ radar vehicle with ERDE Rajendra multifunctiuon 3D pahsed-array radar

+ mobile command post battalion HQ vehicle

2007 Muntra program for UGVs:

+ Muntra-B based on BMP-2, manned control vehicle for UGVs

+ Muntra-M based on BMP-2, mine-detection UGV

+ Muntra-N based on BMP-2, NBC reconnaissance UGV

+ Muntra-S based on BMP-2, surveillance UGV



BMP upgrade with OWS 25R Overhwead Weapon Station for 25 mm cannon and AT missiles, Rafael 2002


Polish versions of BMP:

BWP-1 = BMP-1, 1973, 2000 vehicles from Russia; 2009 – 1,300 available, 468 to be uprgraded tPuma

+ upgraded by PEO

BMP-1D, command version

BWP-1M Puma

BWP-1M/OBR SM with 23 mm Polish gun

BWP-1M with 25 mm M242 turret, 1998

BWP-1/LAV-25 with Delco turret, 1998

BWP-1/LAV-30, proposal

BWP-1P with United Defnse 25 mm turret (M242 cannon), 1998

BWP-1M with 30 mm RCWS Rafael turret, 2004

BMP-1 IFV (Russian chassis) PUMA with Rafael 30 mm RCWS 30, WZM No. 5 2005

BWP-1M Puma with MZS-30 remotely operated turret, 2009, WZM-5, later WZM SA

BWP-1M Puma with UT-30 turret, 2009

BWP-40 with 40 mm L/70 Bofors turret, Poland 1993

BMP-1 with Kuka E-8 turret, 2003

BWP-95 with overhead weapon station with 23 mm cannon and SPG-9

BWP-1K, some

BRM-1S, Polish designation for BPzV, 16 vehicles

WZM-5 modernisation of BWP-1

MBDA Brimstone BWP-1 Tank Destroyer; 2019



MLI-84, Romanian BMP-1 version

MLI-84M with OWS25R weapon station (IMI) with 25 mm  KBA cannon, 7.62 mm PKT, Malyutka M2T AT missiles, proposal 2001



BMP-1 with Turra 30 RCWS; 2012

Sakal IFV (BMP-2) with Rafael Samson Mk.II turret, Coy. Excalibur for engine, in general for BMP-2 upgrade, 6+3 troops, 2014



Khatim APC

Khatim-3 (DCA05) SPAAG with ZU-23-2 AAG

Khatim-4 (DCA06) ATGW (Sarib) carrier



BMP-1 modernization with new 30 mm KBA-2 weapon, Ukraine 1999:

+ universal vehicle (multi-purpose vehicle) with AGS-17 Plamya on turret

+ AT-vehicle with 4 9M113 Konkurs missile launchers on turret

+ reconnaissance vehicle with additional radar on turret

+ AD vehicle with 4 Igla missiles on turret

+ fire support vehicle with 4 SPG-9 on turret

BMP-1AK, from Poland

BMP-1U with KBA-105 „Shkval“unified combat module

BMP-1 with new Shkval turret and 30 mm KBA-2 cannon, Ukraine 1999

BMP-1 with new Shkval turret and 30 mm KBA-3 cannon, Ukraine 2005

BMP-1 medical evacuation vehicle, Ukraine 1999

BMP-1M, 2011

BMP-1 UM with Shkval 30mm ZTM-1 OWS, 2016

BMP-1UMD, 2018


Civil versions of BMP:

BMP Berezina turretless transport vehicle

BMP Berezina-2 multi-purpose emergency transport vehicle, 1990s

LMP-1 forest fire-fighting vehicle, 1992, 25 vehicles

LMP-2 forest fire-fighting vehicle

BMP Zaysan-2 disaster area wrecker and transport

BMP Tayga logging tractor

Object 520, experimental ZSU, new model tracked chassis, 1990

MTL-1V (izdeliye 520M or GPA-520) special chassis with BMP-2 components, 1994

+ MGT-529 basic cargo version

+ SKBM-523 mobile crane vehicle

+ Ush-521 special purpose chassis

Object 530, experimental ZSU

Object 540, experimental command post


BMP Cobra-S with unmanned turret with 2A42 cannon, coy. Metapol 2001, 60 + 120 vehicles for foreign customers

1988 Hohenfels BMP-1 Stefan Marx Tanks-Trucks-Armoured Vehicles-Engineer Equipment-Weapons

1988 Hohenfels BMP-1 Stefan Marx

1989 Moscow BMP-1 Stefan Marx_1.jpg

1989 Moscow BMP-1

1989 Moscow BMP-1 Stefan Marx_2.jpg
1994 Lilaste (LV) BMP-1 Stefan Marx_1.jpg

1994 Lilaste (LV) BMP-1

1994 Lilaste (LV) BMP-1 Stefan Marx_2.jpg
1994 Lilaste (LV) BMP-1 Stefan Marx_3.jpg
1994 Lilaste (LV) BMP-1 Stefan Marx_4.jpg
1994 Lilaste (LV) BMP-1 Stefan Marx_5.jpg
1994 Lilaste (LV) BMP-1 Stefan Marx_6.jpg
1994 Tallinn (EST) BMP-2 Stefan Marx.jpg

1994 Lilaste (LV) BMP-1

1994 Lilaste (LV) BMP-1

1994 Tallinn (EST) BMP-2

1995 Moscow BMP-2 Stefan Marx_1.jpg
1995 Moscow BMP-2 Stefan Marx_2.jpg
1995 Moscow BMP-2 Stefan Marx_4.jpg

1995 Moscow BMP-2

1995 UAE BMP-2 mod. Stefan Marx_1.jpg

1995 UAE BMP-2 mod.

1995 UAE BMP-2 mod. Stefan Marx_3.jpg
1995 UAE BMP-2 mod. Stefan Marx_2.jpg
1995 UAE BMP-2 mod. Stefan Marx_4.jpg
1995 UAE BMP-2 mod. Stefan Marx_5.jpg
1995 UAE BMP-2 mod. Stefan Marx_6.jpg

1995 UAE BMP-2 mod.

1999 UAE BMP with Kluiver turret Stefan Marx_1.jpg
1999 UAE BMP with Kluiver turret Stefan Marx_6.jpg
1999 UAE BMP with Kluiver turret Stefan Marx_2.jpg

1999 UAE BMP with Kluiver turret

1999 UAE BMP with Kluiver turret Stefan Marx_3.jpg
2001 St. Petersburg IMR Stefan Marx_1.jpg
2001 St. Petersburg IMR Stefan Marx_2.jpg
2001 St. Petersburg IMR Stefan Marx_3.jpg
2001 St. Petersburg IMR Stefan Marx_4.jpg

2001 St. Petersburg IMR

2001 St. Petersburg IMR Stefan Marx_5.jpg
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